This might just be the art guy in me, but if you could maybe put it in the middle it would look nicer.
Also, If you could make the Play button bigger than the rest it would look a lot better. :)

On 8/23/06, Patryk Zawadzki <> wrote:
Dnia 22-08-2006, wto o godzinie 09:05 -0400, Marcelo Varanda napisał(a):
> I am quite new with all this tools. But yesterday I played a bit with
> xmms using shell cmd line. If you have one instance of xmms already
> running and invoke cmd line from another shell somehow they
> communicate well. The running instance accepts commands from the other
> shell.  The original xmms command line options accept a few commands
> (do xmms -h).
> Another option that I looked at yesterday was an extension of commands
> handled by xmms-shell. this one offers much more options including
> volume control, xmms window hide/show, playlist management etc.
> Therefore, gtkpod could verify if the user has xmms set as its player.
> If that is the case, we enable/show a small panel with Player control
> buttons.

XMMS? It's almost certainly not the default player for gtkpod's
audience. Think GTK+2, not GTK+1. Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Totem etc.

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