On 31/08/10 17:17, Christophe Fergeau wrote:

2010/8/31 Joeny Ang <ang.joeny@gmail.com>:

Before flashing, I tried using SharePod (on Windows).  The resulting
iTunesDB file contains only 3 mhsds:  mhlt (1), mhlp (3) and mhlp (2).
 iTunes might be writing different iTunesDB formats depending on the
device's model.  For instance, according to the iTunesDB page in
ipodlinux, the mhla was first seen with iTunes 7.1, only on iPod nano
2nd gen and Shuffle 2nd gen but not on iPod Video 30gb (using the same
iTunes version)
I tested a recent iTunes (9.something) with an iPod Photo (predates
the video) and a Nano 1G (not sure when it as released compared to the
video), and iTunes wrote 5 mhsds for both (mhsd 4, mhsd 1, mhsd 3,
mhsd 2, mhsd 5), I don't know if iTunes does special handling of ipod
firmware versions to workaround bugs.

Having a universal iTunesDB format will simplify things.  At least we
know it works for the latest firmware versions.
Does that mean this change is fine with you ?

Thanks for testing again,





Latest libgpod works for me. No more blank playlists.

For what its worth, I may get around to upgrading the firmware on my ipod at some point ;)