On 23/06/10 14:44, Maia Kozheva wrote:
Perhaps. Although, my preference would be gtkpod2 given its such a major
change of the architecture.
Okay, so preliminary versions can be 1.99.x. :)

Absolutely. The only thing holding me back from doing any of that is time.
The wiki also needs to be finished since things such as smart playlists
need to be documented. I would prefer to still have a backup of the
website hosted with the code in case we want to host it elsewhere in the
future. Also, I would like to work out an offline version of the help for
use inside the application. At the moment, the help action points to the
wiki but it is nice to have proper help inside too.

Anyonelse, please feel free to contribute ideas and thoughts.
I'd be happy to redesign the website, but first, I'd like to know what
to use. An existing CMS engine (I'm thinking along the lines of
WordPress or MediaWiki, depending on what we want from the site),
something self-written, or static HTML? What kind of layout do we want?
Do we want to move the documentation wiki to the main site and scrap
Wikispaces entirely?
I have no preference. I don't imagine anyone will have objections to the choice made. Maybe, the best way is to set out a few requirements:-

a) Site must be quickly and easily updateable in order to adapt to the following changing circumstances:
    - Support for new ipods/iphones/etc..
    - Release of new versions of both libgpod and gtkpod with their support for devices
b) Documentation can be edited, updated and added as per the changing features of the applications
c) Content can be transferred between platforms without too much effort, especially for use in an internal help system

I think if we can satisfy these then we will go a long way towards a flexible website.