whats the bottom line here guys.. can i add songs to my classic 80GB or not?

2008/7/8 Todd Zullinger <tmz@pobox.com>:
Bill Yerazunis wrote:
> Speaking of which, would it be possible to get the Powers That Be to
> migrate said new gtkpod/libgpod (and gtk+-2) packages into the
> Ubuntu and/or Fedora package trees?

As the maintainer of gtkpod and co-maintainer of libgpod for Fedora, I
can tell you that this won't happen until new gtkpod and libgpod
releases are made.  Certainly not for the stable Fedora releases.  And
even after the stable releases are made, it might not get pushed right
away, since many maintainers frown on pushing libraries with ABI
changes to the stable releases (for good reason).  Personally, I try
to argue that a library like libgpod is the type of library where an
exception to this policy is warranted since libgpod a) doesn't have
all that many apps that depend on it; and b) significantly improves
the capabilities of the applications that use it.  We'll see how I
fare with that position once libgpod 0.7.0 (or whatever it ends up
being numbered) is released.

For rawhide, it would be possible, but I seriously doubt it's worth
the hassle of rebuilding all the packages in the distro that depend on
libgpod -- seeing that rawhide at this time probably isn't what you
want to be running for a stable desktop.

I'm on vacation this week, but when I return I can see about building
packages for gtkpod and libgpod from subversion for F8 and F9.  Ping
me on irc (tmz) or email me if you want to remind me in a week or so.

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