Fedora 8 i364
ipod classic 80 GB
gtkpod version 0.99.10

So, I get an ipod for Xmas.
I look at my linux box and I look at the iPod and I am
told that I had better get it to work.
A niece loads a couple of my CDs onto the iPod using
her windows XP machine (she's got an iPod and knows how
to do this) and names the iPod 'Richard'.
The iPod says it has "25 Songs".
Now I try to find linux support for the iPod and
arrive at gtkpod.

I mount the iPod:

    /sbin/modprobe sbp2
    mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /mnt/ipod

I take the gtkpod README's advice and make a copy of the
iTuneDB (boy, is that ever good advice).

I launch gtkpod and click on "Richard's IPOD". After not too
long all of the songs are displayed in gtkpod Artist tab. I now
add a File (click on Files, navigate to the location of a
ripped CD mp3 file, select it and click on "open".
It now appears in the Artist tab.
Now, I click on "Save Changes" and then after the status popup
finishes I exit gtkpod.
I eject the iPod:

    /usr/sbin/eject -s /dev/sdc1

which also unmounts it.
I look at the iPod and it says it has "No music".
So I remount the iPod, copy back the original iTuneDB and
eject again.
Now the iPod says it has "25 Songs".

Investigating the iPod_Control/Music directory I notice that
the CD is added was added to an existing f-directory (it did not
create a new directory). Is this expected behavior.

So, try to add the same CD again. It adds the CD to yet a different
f-directroy and when I start the iPod it again says that it
has "No Music".

(Definition of insanity: repeating the same thing over and over
again and expecting different results.)

So, I tried a couple more times. With the iTuneDB produced by gtkpod
the iPod always seems to think it has no music.

Boy was I luck that I was "faint-of-heart" and made a backup of
the original iTunesDB file. At least, I know that the iPod works.

Oh yea, the original iTunesDB is
    379612 bytes
while the one produced by saving changes with gtkpod is
    347480 bytes.

So, whats up with gtkpod?
How is it suppose to work?