Sorry, I just noticed the following README:

However, I don't see the "Import" feature in gtkpod (mentioned in the above readme).  Where is the "Import" feature located?

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From: David Greenberg <>
Date: Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 5:21 PM
Subject: iTunesDB question

My wife has an ipod MA003 that she was originally using with iTunes on a Win XP laptop.  That laptop has died and she is now using a Linux Mint 7 XFCE laptop.

I've setup gtkpod_aac, but have some questions regarding the iTunesDB. 

[1.] Is this a file or directory?  I believe it is a file.

[2.] If I am unable to retrieve the original iTunesDB from the Win XP laptop, what is the recommended course of action for creating a new iTunesDB?