Have you tried using gtkpod instead of rhythmbox? I had trouble getting rhythmbox to work properly with both of my iPods (2nd gen shuffle and 3rd gen shuffle). What kind of iPod are you using? Also, if you have gtkpod installed, do you know what version it is? Go to the Help menu and press "About." That should give you the version number.

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 12:07 +0000, caitlin heinz wrote:
Dear list members, 

I have been trying for days to understand how to use my ipod with ubuntu 9.10.  I am a complete amateur and don't understand most of the terminology in the forums.  i have tried to set up a irc chat to find someone (anyone!) to help me get anywhere.  i am willing to learn how to do stuff but i don't know where to start. 

so far this is what ive done:

figured out how to delete all the former music off the ipod and put it into rythmnbox. (it was originally my sister's)

i think i reformatted the ipod in someway.

paste into the terminal some code about repositories but without any obvious (to me) result.  i don't even know what a repository is.

today i spent a couple of hours importing playlists from rythmnbox into gtkpod.  when i exited gtkpod it crashed and i forcequit it and lost everything i'd done.  and nothing is on the ipod still.

you may ask why do i have ubuntu?  answer: ex-boyfriend
but i'm determined to learn how to use it.

please help!!!



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