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Ok, I've been thinking about it.

Let's see. If you go to a "Edit track details" tab, and then go to the "General" tab (the first one), at the end, you can see a "media type" selectlist, can't you? In there, you have several options, including "audio" and "video", for example.

Now, if I understand well, the "smart playlist" only are "smart" in the computer, NOT In the iPod. Why do I say this? Because, if I have a smart playlist where I say "put in here all the songs that have been played only once" (for example), then iTunes automatically puts all the songs that fit in this filter, inside of the playlist. BUT if I play a song in my iPod, and it's the first time I play it, that song won't be added to the smart playlist until I plug mi iPod to the PC and open the iTunes. In conclusion, is iTunes who updates the smart playlists, no the iPod itself, nor something in the songs.

Now, why am I telling all this to you? Because if gtkpod is able to set the media type of an element in the "edit track details" tab, I would think that it is able too to read it. And if it is able to read it, it could be used in a smart list.

By the moment, I'm trying to find some info about that thing that you told me about the "special manner" that is used to handle the selector in itunes db. I'll be reporting to you, may be something of it could be useful.

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2011/12/18 phantomjinx <p.g.richardson@phantomjinx.co.uk>
The problem with the playlist combobox is a trivial fix and I will
upload it shortly.

The Media Type selector is more problematic. The lack of this field is a
direct reflection of what libgpod currently provides, ie. it is not part
of the smart playlist fields. In addition, it would appear that the
"video kind" selector is handled in a special manner by the itunes db
and again there is no provision for a media type selector. Thus without
understanding this a lot further, I am hesitant to modify this at this
stage of a release cycle.

teuf, if you can provide any insight into this, it would be most helpful.



The media type in the edit details window is where I started basing an implementation of a smart playlist on. However, smart playlists and their settings are part of the iTunes database, according to the libgpod source code. There are specific bits that get set when such a playlist is created. There is currently no smart playlist rule for media type hence the need to consult teuf, the libgpod dev.

Any further info you can glean is most welcome.

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