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2005-11-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* use script from gnome-common since the
	custom libgpod one keep having issues (this doesn't add a dependency
	on gnome-common since I imported the necessary script to our CVS)

2005-11-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>


2005-11-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/hal-common.h: mark hal stubs (for when hal isn't available) as 
	G_GNUC_INTERNAL to avoid namespace clashes
	* src/ipod-device.c:
	* src/ipod-device.h: move hal header inclusion in the .c instead of
	having it in the .h

2005-11-19  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_playlist.c: simplified API for itdb_spl_update() and

	* itdb_playlist.c: added itdb_spl_update_live() for convenience

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_rename_files) also remove "iTunesShuffle"
	  as this file might confuse iPod Shuffles.
2005-11-17  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * check for version 2.4 of glib -- now we need to
	  make sure that libgpod actually works with 2.4...

2005-11-15  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_new): initialise glib type system before
	calling ipod_device_new (which creates a gobject)

2005-11-13  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: when new rating is set on the iPod, backup
	  the old rating to app_rating. Not sure what it's for, but iTunes
	  seem to do it.

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c:
	* src/itdb.h: split unk164 into flag1, flag2, flag3, and flag4.

2005-11-12  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_track.c: (itdb_track_set_defaults) only change unk208
	(audio/video) if not already set to non-zero.

2005-11-11  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_set_mountpoint) do not call
	  itdb_device_new() with NULL pointer (no mountpoint == local
	  repository) to avoid critical warning.

2005-11-09  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb.h src/itdb_itunesdb.c: change API for
	  itdb_shuffle_write() to be identical to itdb_itunesdb_write()

2005-11-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* fixed hal detection, stole a bit more autoconf-fu from 
	libipoddevice so that ipod-device.c compiles when hal is detected

2005-11-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/hal-common.c:
	* src/hal-common.h: more #if => #ifdef changes

2005-11-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ipod-device.c:
	* src/ipod-device.h: update comments to reflect the fact we are using
	#ifdef HAVE_LIBHAL instead of #if HAVE_LIBHAL now

2005-11-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/hal-common.c:
	* src/hal-common.h:
	* src/ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_set_property),
	(ipod_device_hal_initialize), (ipod_device_detect_volume_info),
	(ipod_device_new), (ipod_device_eject): sync with libipoddevice CVS,
	use #ifdef HAVE_LIBHAL instead of #if HAVE_LIBHAL

2005-11-06  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ipod-device.h:
	* src/itdb.h: added missing G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS

2005-11-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_track.c: (is_video_ipod), (itdb_track_set_defaults): deal
	with unk208 differently on iPod video (it's used to indicate if the
	current track must be shown in the video or audio menu or both)

2005-11-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_get_property),
	* src/ipod-device.h: sync with libipoddevice CVS to get information
	about artwork formats supported by the various iPod models

2005-11-04  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_new):
	* src/ipod-device.h:
	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_free), (itdb_parse),
	(itdb_shuffle_write), (itdb_set_mountpoint): added an IpodDevice
	element to Itdb_iTunesDB. This makes it possible for libgpod to know
	the type (regular/nano/mini/video/...) of the iPod it's currently 
	dealing with (which is necessary for proper cover art support for 

2005-11-04  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ db-itunes-parser.h was missing from the source file
	list, this made "make dist" generate uncompilable tarballs

2005-11-04  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* add missing call to glib-gettextize, this has the nice
	side-effect of adding mkinstalldirs if automake didn't copy it for us.

2005-11-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (ipod_buffer_grow_mapping),
	(ipod_buffer_maybe_grow): added fallback code for systems not having
	mremap (pretty much all non-linux systems actually)

2005-11-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (ipod_buffer_destroy):
	* src/itdb_track.c: (itdb_track_set_defaults): applied patch from 
	Uwe Hermann <> to add video support to libgpod,
	removed spurious g_print

2005-11-01  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (get16lint): fixed bug affecting big endian
          systems. Thanks to Martin Aumueller for spotting this.

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: used GUINTxx_TO/FROM_xE() instead of "#if
          ..." constructions.

2005-10-25  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (itdb_parse): added comment, check for itdb
	  before calling ipod_pars_artwork_db()

	* db-artwork_parser.c (ipod_parse_artwork_db): added assertion
          to avoid segfault if called NULL parameter.

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (get_mhip): fixed handling for iTunesDB
          versions 4.7 and smaller.

2005-10-24  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* (itdb_write): remove mountpoint as parameter as not used.

2005-10-20  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tests/test-covers.c: (save_song_thumbnails): fix warning on amd64

2005-10-19  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* print warning and hint if ./mkinstalldirs is not
	  created (incompatibility between automake > 1.8 and all gettext
	  at least up to 0.14.4.

	* TROUBLESHOOTING: added tips for missing ./mkinstalldirs and

2005-10-17  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-image-parser.c: (get_pixel_data),
	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (get_mhod): Changed type of the various fields 
	in the ItdbImage structures so that they match what they are in the
	database on the iPod.

2005-10-15  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c,itdb_private.h: fixes for 64 bit systems
	* src/ipod-device.c: fixes for 64 bit systems (patch provided by
	  Bodo Bauer)
	* TROUBLESHOOTING: hint for 64 bit compilation

2005-10-12  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/
	* tests/ fix compilation when hal is available, needs to
	be tested on systems without hal

2005-10-11  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (get_mhip): added missing parameter to
	a g_warning call, this broke compilation on FC4

	* src/itdb_track.c: (itdb_track_add/itdb_track_set_defaults): set
	  dbid if not set (thanks to Guilherme Salgado for pointing this

	* tests/.cvsignore: updated

2005-10-09  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* bindings/python/gpod.i: applied Kelvin Lawson's patch to query

	* src/ipod-device.[ch],hal-common.[ch], code ported
	  from libipoddevice to retrieve information about the iPod
	  without libhal dependence.

	* tests/test-ipod-device.c: small script to show how to to query
	  the iPod for information.

	* tests/ initialize <LIBS> with better default

	* add dependency for libgobject

2005-10-02  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* added bindings/... to EXTRA_DIST

	* src/itdb.h, src/itdb_playlist.h, src/itdb_private.h: made enum
	  ItdbPlType and enum ItdbPlFlag private and introduced
	  itdb_playlist_set_mpl/_podcast() in addition to the existing
	  itdb_playlist_is_mpl/_podcast() which make the public enums

	* bumped to version 107

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: itdb_write_ithumb_files (): commented out
	  g_print() statement as this produced an empty line in gtkpod's
	  warning window.

	* src/ GDKPIXPUF dependency solved inside source files
	  -- db-artwork-writer-dummy.c no longer required. Now compiles
	  with and without gdkpixbuf.

	* tests/test-covers.c: attached Flavio Stanchina size-patch

2005-09-29  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* applied Chrisophe's patch to make libgdk optional

2005-09-27  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_track.c: include thumbnails into itdb_track_duplicate()
	  (Christophe Fergeau)

	* src/db-image-parser.c: support for iPod nano (Christophe

	* configure.c: make MacOS compatible (Tristan O'Tierney)

2005-09-27  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* .cvsignore: added reasonable defaults in ./ ./src/ ./tests ./po

	* po/ removed, as it should be created by configure

        * itdb.h, itdb_itunesdb.c, itdb_private.h: moved next_id from
	  Itdb_iTunesDB to FExport.

	* bindings/phython/examples/ added
	  (thanks to Nicholas Piper)

2005-09-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (write_mhsd_tracks), (write_playlist_mhips),
	(write_podcast_mhips): move variable declaration before code to fix 
	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: (ipod_parse_artwork_db):
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (ipod_write_artwork_db):
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: (ithumb_writer_new): added some sanity checks
	to detect better when the iPod doesn't have any artwork data

2005-09-24  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * itdb.h/itdb_playlist.c: new functions: itdb_playlist_is_mpl()
	  and itdb_playlist_is_podcasts()

	* itdb_track.c: update itdb_track_duplicate()

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: read/write timestamp in playlists. Set
	  timestamp if previously unset.

	* itdb_playlist.c: set timestamp when creating playlist, set
	  timestamp when adding playlist and no timestamp was set.

	* Release of version 0.1.6

2005-09-23  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* bindings/: added python bindings provided by Nicholas Piper
	  <nick at nickpiper co uk>

	* itdb.h: added enum ItdbPlFlag and Itdb_Playlist->podcastflag

	* itdb.h/itdb_itunesdb.c: added time_released field

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: rewrote write_playlist() for easier

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: read/write support for podcast playlists
	  including chapterdata (but only in raw format)

2005-09-22  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* applied Christophe Fergeau's patch which adds cover art writing
	  support to libgpod -> bump to version 104

2005-09-21  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: streamline parse_fimp() for more
	  flexibility. Please report if formerly readable iTunesDB cannot
	  be read any more :-/

2005-09-20  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* Release of 0.1.3

2005-09-19  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * added additional fields to Itdb_Track that are present since
	  version 0x0c of the iTunesDB. Write long mhit version.

	* applied patch provided by Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>
	  for artwork database support (read-only).

	* itdb_itunesdb.c: read iTunesStats file if present (corresponds
	  to Play Counts file on the Shuffle).

	* itdb.h: implemented sortorder in playlists (new enum)

2005-09-17  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * renamed fdesc to filetype

	* po/it.po: updated (thanks to Edward Matteucci)

2005-09-16  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb.h/itdb_itunesdb.c: changed 'static void
	  itdb_count_musicdirs()' to 'gint itdb_musicdirs_number()'

2005-09-14  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* automatically call ./configure
	* added supported languages de fr he it ja sv
	* po/: added language files from gtkpod project

2005-09-13  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb: changed API for itdb_filename_on_ipod ()
	* itdb.h: added 'gint musicdirs' to Itdb_iTunesDB (number of
	  F.. dirs available)
	* itdb_itunesdb: itdb_cp_track_to_ipod() will now determine the
	  number of available F.. dirs before copying by calling new
	  function itdb_count_musicdirs()

2005-09-11  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* changed position of AC_GNU_SOURCE (caused error
	  strange error messages) 
        * replace so it works without gnome-common
	* src/itdb.h: replaced '//' by '/* ... */' to avoid strange error
	  message during compile.
	* src/itdb_playlist.c: (itdb_splr_validate)
	  Guilherme Salgado <> patch to make
	  'inthelast' SPL work.
	* README: added some notes.
2005-09-10  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (get_mhod_type), (get_mhod),
	(get_mhod_string), (get_playlist), (get_mhit),
	* src/itdb_playlist.c: (itdb_spl_update_all):
	* tests/itdb_main.c: (main): fixed compilation warnings to be able
	to compile with -Werror

2005-09-10  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* README: added quick description of the library purpose

2005-09-10  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* po/
	* po/
	* src/
	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: 
	* src/itdb_playlist.c:
	* src/itdb_private.h:
	* src/itdb_track.c: 
	* tests/
	* tests/itdb_main.c: initial import