#311 Crashes when attempting to open Preference

Eagle Boy

Every time I try to open Edit->Preferences gtkpod crashes.

konsole output:
(gtkpod:4825): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: <data>:2:10: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.

(gtkpod:4825): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gtkpod' does not contain a key named 'disable_splash_screen'
Trace/breakpoint trap

gtkpod: 2.1.2~02f8f2e
OS: Linux Ubuntu 3.2.0-30


  • Eagle Boy

    Eagle Boy - 2012-10-07

    dmesg output:
    [ 1785.017639] gtkpod[2853] trap int3 ip:7f9610802fdb sp:7fff0a1d1240 error:0
    [ 1785.028761] Core dump to |/usr/share/apport/apport 2853 5 0 pipe failed
    [ 2664.125887] gtkpod[4640] trap int3 ip:7faa4bd53fdb sp:7fff88719520 error:0
    [ 2664.126075] Core dump to |/usr/share/apport/apport 4640 5 0 pipe failed
    [ 2687.468083] gtkpod[4657] trap int3 ip:7fe1f6d45fdb sp:7fff09c904b0 error:0
    [ 2687.468225] Core dump to |/usr/share/apport/apport 4657 5 0 pipe failed
    [ 2794.060953] gtkpod[4825] trap int3 ip:7f6d26444fdb sp:7fff3d2da430 error:0
    [ 2794.061085] Core dump to |/usr/share/apport/apport 4825 5 0 pipe failed

  • Eagle Boy

    Eagle Boy - 2012-10-07
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  • Eagle Boy

    Eagle Boy - 2012-10-07

    I went to /usr/local/share/gtkpod/data/glade and modified core-gtkpod.xml and copy/pasted the obect "preference_disable_splash_screen" in the same <child> node and named it "disable_splash_screen".

    That resolved the crash.

  • Reto R

    Reto R - 2013-07-05

    Hi Eagle Boy, I have the same problem, I tried to follow your hint but I don't understand.

    in Linux Mint Version 13 (maya)
    /usr/share/gtkpod/data/glade I found the files.
    I opened core-gtkpod.xml and found in line 33 :
    object class="GtkCheckButton" id="preferences_disable_splash_screen">

    your copy looked then like this?
    object class="GtkCheckButton" id="disable_splash_screen">

    or how should that line look like I should paste in the same <child> node?

  • Reto R

    Reto R - 2013-07-05

    interesting, may be someone can give me a hint I did as explained by Eagle Boy copy /paste the line and removed preferences:

    object class="GtkCheckButton" id="preferences_disable_splash_screen">
    object class="GtkCheckButton" id="disable_splash_screen">

    since I then the error message changes from:
    GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gtkpod' does not contain a key named 'disable_splash_screen' Trace/Breakpoint


    WARNING **: Could not load general preferences: /usr/share/gtkpod/data/glade/core-gtkpod.xml:35:1 'object' is not a valid tag here

    Any tipp /idea how to fix that?


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