#259 Exporter doen't include -lgtkpod in at least in cygwin


Without that in the link flags, it generates all sorts of undefined references to functions greped for and found in the libgtk source tree. Should be a simple fix. This was with gtkpod-2.0.0.f67db4d


  • Corry Lazarowitz

    Looks like the playlist display plugin has the same issue, I'll hold off on this comment until I have the entire thing built...Note, I'm not an autotools user at all, so I dont know how to track the stuff down, variables seem circular to me, can't seem to find the base definitions, thus, no patch is included (I'm actually more of a windows or qt/qmake dev myself :) (I know, and I'm trying to install GTKpod...) )
    plugins/repository_editor - same issue
    plugins/sorttab_display - same issue
    plugins/track_display same issue
    I'm going to go ahead and assume that *all* the plugins have the same error and just fix all the makefiles...I'm guessing there is a one line fix for this though :)

  • phantomjinx

    phantomjinx - 2011-03-20

    Hopefully, I have addressed this. Can you take the latest revision and see what happens please.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm working on this...sounds trivial, but I think I hosed my cygwin installation. I tried the latest pull, cmake (which may be what I used originally) went nuts, as well as autotools. However, the previous build of gtkpod on my system had some major issues as well. I think this may all have stemmed from trying to hacktogather just enough gnome to run gtkpod, before I found cygwin ports. Unfortunatly, the cygwinports server has got to be the slowest thing on the planet! (Downloads ~50-~90% of the file, then stops for 10 minutes, then finishes...)
    Anyhow, long story short, once I get a working cygwin install again, I'll give it another go! (and I won't be deleting the cygwinports local package copies either this time!)


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