#228 iPod nano 5G not recognized

Wolf Rogner

When I plug in my nano I get error messages related to hashes (being 0 bytes long), itunedb not found and Database import Failure.

When loading the ipod, the software wants to create files that are on the ipod already. Then it complains about the file not being created (iPod_Control).

ipod is read/writably mounted.


  • Christophe Fergeau

    You are probably not using libgpod 0.7.90 or newer which is required for Nano 5G support

  • Wolf Rogner

    Wolf Rogner - 2010-06-05

    I have the latest libgpod intalled (0.7.93).

    The problem lies in the inability of gtkpod to initialze the local iTunesDB files on the iPod correctly. Then gtkpod works fine (as does rhythmbox).

  • Christophe Fergeau

    And the songs you add this way appear in the iPod UI ?

  • Christophe Fergeau

    The most likely cause for your bug is that you have 2 libgpod versions installed, 0.7.2 and 0.7.93 and that the older one is picked.


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