#219 Incorrect cover art generation on iPod 6G

E. Viennet

Cover art images are not correctly generated on iPod Classic (2009 series), they are not displayed on the iPod.

Tests on gtkpod 0.99.14 on Ubuntu Karmic, iPod Classic 2009 160Gb:
1- format (restore) iPod (using iTunes on Mac OS)
2- disk utility: disable HFS journaling
3- add one track in iTunes
4- on Linux: modify SysInfo (add FireWireGUID)
5- gtkpod: add track
6- save -> iPod_Control/Artwork/ is modified
7- eject ipod and test

The files (ArtworkDB and .ithmb) in the directory iPod_Control/Artwork/ are modified.

Sometimes, the ipod display a garbage image (black/white random pattern), and sometimes no image at all.


  • For artwork support, you really need to have an iPod_Control/Device/SysInfoExtended file appropriate for your device, since you edited SysInfo, this might mean you don't have this file. Can you check if you have it, this would help narrow down what can cause this bug.

  • E. Viennet
    E. Viennet

    Yes, I have a SysInfoExtended.
    I tried the same procedure without editing SysInfo, with the same results.

  • Hmm, this definitely works here. If you don't mind losing all the artwork, what happens if you move away iPod_Control/Artwork and then add artwork using gtkpod?

  • I can do some tests: I don't use this new iPod (precisely because I can't transfer my music library with artworks).

    When you say it works "here": is ti with the same version (gtkpod 0.99.14, libgpod4 0.7.2, Ubuntu 9.10) ?

    When I move the Artwork directory, I notice an error (probably trelated to incomplete HFS support):
    mv /media/ipod2/iPod_Control/Artwork/ /tmp
    mv: inter-device move failed: `/media/ipod2/iPod_Control/Artwork/' to `/tmp/Artwork'; unable to remove target: Is a directory

    So I remove it (rm -rf /media/ipod2/iPod_Control/Artwork).

    Then I add a new track. No error message. Eject the iPod. The tracks are on the ipod, but WITHOUT artwork.

    Notice that the Artwork directory is not re-created (even after playing with the ipod and remounting it on linux).

  • Hmm, actually I'm a bit surprised, 2009 iPod Classic shouldn't work with libgpod 0.7.2 (unless ubuntu has patched it). I'm also surprised about these errors when trying to do a mv and by the fact that the Artwork directory isn't created. Can you recreate the Artwork directory structure by hand and see if that helps?
    When I say it works for me, it's with a 2009 Classic, but with libgpod 0.7.90 and newer. There were a few artwork related bug fixes, but nothing that should cause issues with all artwork. Might be worth testing it though, I think there's a ppa for ubuntu 9.10