#169 "Write tags to disk when edited" doesn't


So I have an iPod chock full of MP3s. I have edited a bunch of metadata. But even after saving changes, when I use a tool to look at the ID3 tags on the MP3s on the iPod -- such as mid3v2 or id3v2 -- gtkpod hasn't updated them at all. My iPod *IS* my music repo; I see no need to keep a copy of everything locally, so editing local tags doesn't help me.

I only discovered this behavior recently after having used gtkpod for some time, and it has made it really difficult to have other tools scan my iPod's music.

I have both "Mass-modify tags when multiple tracks are selected" and "Write tags to disk when edited" checked. Use legacy format is NOT checked. This is gtkpod 0.99.14 with libgpod 0.7.0.


  • David Kohen

    David Kohen - 2009-04-02

    Have you built everything yourself? If so, have you received any warnings?
    Do you use a prepackaged version?
    Does this happen in all the files? Does it happen when you add tags to "clean" files?

  • David Kohen

    David Kohen - 2009-04-02
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  • John Goerzen

    John Goerzen - 2009-04-02

    The packages from from Debian.

    It does happen with all files.

    I don't know what you mean by a "clean" file.

  • David Kohen

    David Kohen - 2009-04-02

    A clean file is a file that has no tags.
    I have verified that this indeed happens.
    This is one of the problems in the id3 library we're using, I'm in the process of migrating to a different one.
    Recommendations are welcome, but in the gtkpod-devel list and not here...

  • David Kohen

    David Kohen - 2009-04-25

    Can you try the SVN branch named taglib?

  • phantomjinx

    phantomjinx - 2014-08-09
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