Martin Bähr - 2006-01-30

i discovered gimv only a few days ago and it has already blown me away.

at last an image viewer worthy to replace xzgv.

i have been searching for long to find an imageviewer that could rival xzgv in memory use and simplicity. i have tried many others, but all used more resources and did not make the cut on my  small machine.

on top of that gimv also supports the .xvpics thumbnail format from xzgv and gimp and it handles files without extensions, while at the same time allowing a window layout close to that of xzgv.

nice features are that the thumbnail view has tabs so that you can quickly switch between multiple folders. it fixes all issues i have with xzgv (proper file dialogs, don't hide nonimage files (i was always irritated to think that a directory was empty when in reality it contained other files), slideshow mode).

and while it has a few more bugs than xzgv, they apply to features that xzgv doesn't even have.

also tried gthumb and gqview.
gthumb uses more memory, does not seem to allow mixing directories and images in the thumbnail view, and, i guess it's supposed to be a feature: it only loads thumbnails for image icons that come into view. that makes browsing an image directory very slow as you have to wait every time until the thumbnail image is loaded. it handles exif nicer than gimv, but that's about it.

gqview also needs more memory than gimv.
it autoloads the first image in a directory, which is not always desired if you just want to take a quick peek because that costs time and resources again.
it has the same file/dir split as gthumb, supports .xvpics only to read (and appears to scale them, ugh)

the kde options gwenview and showimg need so many resources already at startup that their features aren't even worth discussing.

i have not seen any development on gimv for the last year. i hoe that will change again, there is great potential. i submited a bunch of bugs and feature ideas...

greetings, martin.