#11 Rendering is not done on the drawable widget

GtkGLExt (10)


I work on the development of MASyV which uses GTK+ and
GtkGLExt with C. The last time I ran my program, it
worked fine (back in May 2006) but now (July 2006),
many Debian testing updates later (among which an
update of Xorg and kernel), I have encountered the
following problem.

My program's GUI consists of a window containing a
GtkDrawingArea for the GL rendering. If I place my
program's window at the center of my screen, the
drawing area is empty. But if I move my window to the
left edge of my screen, the right half of the scene
gets rendered on the drawing area. The further left I
move my window, the more of the scene gets rendered on
the drawing area. As I pull the window away from the
left edge of my screen (towards the right), the scene
slowly drifts off to the left of the drawing area until
it falls off the left edge of it and it becomes empty

I have downloaded the software kludge3d which also uses
GTK+ and GtkGLExt with C. I compiled and ran it and it
seems to produce a similar problem.

Any idea what may be causing this? If you need any more
info to diagnose the bug, please let me know.



  • Screenshot of the problem (hopefully helpful)

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    Since first noticing the problem on my computer at my old
    workplace, I have seen this problem again on my new computer
    at my new workplace. One thing both computers have in common
    is that they both use the Xorg "ati" graphics driver. My
    computer at home, which uses the Xorg "i810" graphics
    driver, does not have this problem. I thought this new
    information might help.


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    Sounds like a problem with drivers rather than a programming
    error in GtkGLExt. Suggest you contact your vendor or
    search online to see if others have had the same issue.