#3 Configure script fails.


I am trying to install GPSIM, for which i need GTK+extra. I am
running Linux mandrake 9.1 on a K7 PC.
I have installed GLIB,Pango, ATK and Gtk+ without problems. I can
run the gtk-demo script, and that seems to work.
However, when I try to run ./configure in the directory, where I have
unpacked the gtk+extra tarball ( .../gtk+extra-0.99.17), I get :
checking for gtk-config... (cached) no
checking for GTK - version >= 1.2.0... no
*** The gtk-config script installed by GTK could not be found
*** If GTK was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
*** your path, or set the GTK_CONFIG environment variable to the
*** full path to gtk-config.
I have looked for the gtk-config script, but it does not seem to be
anywhere ???
GTK+ version is gtk+-2.2.0, so that is definitely greater than 1.2.0
The error message seems old, as gtk changed name to gtk+ long ago,
unless there is something, I have completely misunderstood.
I am looking foreward to hear from you, as I am runnig out of good
Best regards
Klaus Nielsen
Copenhagen Denmark


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi Klaus,
    There are a couple of thing you have to pay attention to:
    1) You need gtkextra-2 to work with gtk-2, you can get it
    from teh cvs
    repository since I haven't released it officially, yet.
    2) gtkextra-2 uses pkg-config, so it'll probably work after

    If you still have problems, let me know. Saludos!

  • Klaus D. Nielsen

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    Found out by reading the gtk+ FAQ, that gtk-config is supplied by gtk+-1.2.
    Both gtk+-2.2 and gtk+-1.2 can be installed at the sam time. Did that, and
    then gtk+extra compiled OK.
    Best regards

  • Fredy Paquet

    Fredy Paquet - 2011-02-27
    • status: open --> closed
  • Fredy Paquet

    Fredy Paquet - 2011-02-27

    This case ist outdated (opened in 2003)


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