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2013-12-08 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed maximum autosized row height
	* GtkSheet: fixed typo, reworked debug output
	* GtkDataTextView: cut too long texts when pasting into length limited buffer
	* GtkSheet: finished GtkSheetColumn->wrap_mode in cell drawing PR#95931
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV in _gtk_sheet_entry_size_allocate
	* GtkSheet: fixed vertical scrolling problems

2013-07-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheetColumn: fixed sheet realized check that caused SEGV

2013-07-02 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* merged branch gtk3 into master

2013-06-28 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* replaced deprecated accessor: GtkWidget->parent 
	* replaced deprecated accessor: GdkCursor->type
	* replaced deprecated accessor: GtkContainer->border_width
	* replaced deprecated accessor: GtkEntry->is_cell_renderer
	* GtkSheet: fixed custom sheet_entry assignment, update testgtksheet
	* GtkDataTextView: fixed entry setup during cell activation

2013-06-27 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* replaced deprecated GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC with G_CALLBACK
	* disabled deprecated GTK_TYPE_COMBO_BOX_ENTRY from Gtk 2.24
	* disabled deprecated GTK_TYPE_COMBO from Gtk 2.4 (yes, 2.4!)
	* GtkSheet: clean out deprecated GtkAdjustment accessors

2013-06-26 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: pango font description handling rewritten to prevent occasional crashes
	* GtkSheet: fixed memory leak in font description handling
	* merged branch GtkDataTextView into master
	* GtkSheet: doc fix

2013-06-25 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: code cleanup, GtkDataTextView key binding in sheet fixed

2013-06-24 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkDataTextView: new subclass of GtkTextView to limit multiline text length
	* GtkDataEntry: resolved deprecated G_CONST_RETURN
	* GtkItemEntry: added internal max_length_bytes property
	* GtkSheetColumn: added max_length, max_length_bytes, wrap_mode properties
	* GtkSheet: added new sheet_entry-editor GtkDataTextView
	* GtkSheet: reworked editor type switching for GtkDataTextView
	* GtkSheet: update new editor properties in sheet-entry

2013-06-23 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkItemEntry: fixed UTF-8 character insertion, killing trailing text (PR#96868)
	* new branch GtkDataTextView for development of property enhancements 
	* GtkDataEntry: added new property max-length-bytes
	* Glade-Integration: added <book> tag to catalog

2013-06-22 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed memory leak in _gtk_sheet_entry_setup()
	* GtkSheet: fixed memory leak in DeleteRow()
	* GtkSheet: fixed memory leak in DeleteColumn()
	* GtkSheet: fixed cell activation in gtk_sheet_delete_columns()

2013-06-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: signal documentation fixed

2013-05-26 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* published gtkextra-3 version 3.0.5
	* updated gtkextra-3 version to 3.0.6

2013-05-26 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed drawing with invisible columns at realize PR#92947
	* GtkSheet: cleanup debug defines

2013-05-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: added 'window' param to gtk_sheet_get_pixel_info()
	   - enabling correct decoding of clicks into the row/column header area
	* GtkSheet: reworked global sheet button press handler
	   - will only handle single-press button1 events internally
	   - propagate all other button-press-events to the sheet
	   - allows you to connect your own handler to process right-clicks now

2013-05-18 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Merged Tom Schoonjans packaging branch into master
	* packages can now be created using:
	   rpmbuild on Fedora/Centos/ScientificLinux
	   dh_make on Debian/Ubuntu

2013-04-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Glade Integration: added gtk+extra-catalog.xml to .gitignore (generated)

2013-04-07 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Glade Integration: fixed soname generation in glade catalog xml for win32

2013-03-23 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* published gtkextra-3 version 3.0.4
	* updated gtkextra-3 git version to 3.0.5

2013-03-23 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkItemEntry: remove debug output when debug is off
	* GtkSheet: fixed h/voffset when deleting rows PR#90224, PR#95088
	* GtkSheet: fixed horizontal scrollbar size
	* GtkExtra: removed Makefile.mingw, config.h.win32
	* GtkExtra: cleanup extra distribution files

2013-03-19 Daisuke Shimamura <daisuke_shimamura AT nifty.com>
	* GtkPlot: patch for UTF-8 string handling

2013-03-17 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* MinGW: fixed autoconf environment, reworked Git exceptions
	* Glade integration: fixed build problems in MinGW

2013-03-16 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* cleanup build environment
	* migration to git repo
	* cleanup handling of generated files for git

2013-03-13 Tom Schoonjans <Tom.Schoonjans AT me.com>
	* fixed build problem of 3.0.3
	* upgraded configure.in script to latest autoconf standards including
	rename to configure.ac
	* removed several non-essential buildscript files that can be generated by the
	developer with autoreconf
	* removed several non-essential source files that can be generated by the
	user when running make

2013-03-10 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* cleanup configure.in and automake problems on MinGW

2013-03-10 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* published gtkextra-3 version 3.0.3
	* updated gtkextra-3 cvs version to 3.0.4

2013-03-10 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkPlot: doc update

2013-03-10 Daisuke Shimamura <daisuke_shimamura AT nifty.com>
	* GtkPlot: patch to fix MinGW missing drawing problem Bug ID: 3182951
	* GtkPlot: patch for SEGV in gtk_plot_cairo_draw_pixmap()
	* GtkPlot: patch for image size in testgtkplot.c

2013-03-03 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* published gtkextra-3 version 3.0.2
	* updated gtkextra-3 cvs version to 3.0.3

2013-02-17 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed vertical and horizontal GtkItemEntry alignment
	* GtkSheet: fixed dirty text redraw when clip_text is off

2012-12-20 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV when deleting rows with unrealized childs

2012-11-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed entry_type switching when moving around the sheet

2012-11-25 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: new signal GtkSheet::enter-pressed to intercept default action

2012-11-11 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed update of sheet_entry style when moving around colored cells
	* GtkItemEntry: fixed justification propagation to GtkEntry alignment
	* GtkSheet: fixed clipping of active cell border
	* GtkSheet: fixed sheet_move_query check when tabbing around w/scrollbars
	* GtkSheet: fixed set_active_cell to scroll active cell into view range
	* GtkSheet: fixed signal documentation bug: NEW_ROW_HEIGHT, NEW_COL_WIDTH

2012-10-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: new signal #GtkSheet::populate-popup propagates sheet_entry signal

2012-10-03 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: auto-resize on window size modification fixed
	* GtkSheet: cleanup debug defines

2012-09-28 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkDataEntry, GtkSheetColumn: fixed removal of thousands separator

2012-09-14 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkDataEntry, GtkSheetColumn: fixed formatting for non POSIX/C locales (UTF-8)

2012-09-09 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkDataEntry, GtkSheetColumn: fixed formatting for non POSIX/C locales
	* GtkSheet: experimental support for cell text preselection (incomplete)
	* GtkSheet: fixed missing return value in _gtk_sheet_move_query()
	* GtkSheet: fixed return type of _gtk_sheet_count_visible()

2012-09-01 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: reworked drag/resize of sheet selection w/invisible columns

2012-09-01 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed drawing, dirty edges beyond rightmost column
	* GtkSheet: use style background for area beyond outmost row/column
	* GtkSheet: reworked drag/resize of sheet selection w/invisible columns

2012-08-01 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed extent calculation and autoresize w/unrealized window
	* added misc/gtkextra.vpj (slickedit project file)
	* GtkSheet: horizontal adjustment partially fixed

2012-07-31 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: removed obsolete Sheet::changed signal emissions
	   for column width modifications connect to Sheet::new-column-width
	   for row height modifications connect to Sheet::new-column-width
	* GtkSheet: reworked emission of Sheet::changed
	   gtk_sheet_column_button_add_label() always emitted (even when frozen)
	   gtk_sheet_column_button_justify() no longer emitted (contents unchanged)
	   gtk_sheet_column_label_set_visibility() no longer emitted (contents unchanged)
	   gtk_sheet_row_button_add_label() always emitted (even when frozen)
	   gtk_sheet_row_label_set_visibility() no longer emitted (contents unchanged)
	   gtk_sheet_row_button_justify() no longer emitted (contents unchanged)
	* GtkSheet: sheet button drawing reworked and optimized
	* GtkSheet: autoresize completely rewritten and optimized

2012-07-29 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* gtkplot.h: replaced callbacks in _GtkPlotAxis with function typedefs
	* cleanup documentation tags (introspection warnings)
	* re-generated GtkExtra-3.0.gir, added GtkExtra-3.0.typelib
	* GtkSheet: new properties autoresize-rows, autoresize-cells
	* GtkSheet: experimental support for autoresize-rows (not optimized)

2012-07-22 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: improved autoresize columns (max width limit)

2012-06-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed autoconf m4 includedir in autogen.sh - Bug ID 3471311

2012-06-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed autoconf m4 includedir - Bug ID 3471311

2012-06-03 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Added m4/introspection.m4 to the distribution - Bug ID 3471311
	* fixed dimension name dz - Bug ID 3450154

2012-04-28 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: reworked KeyBindings to use Alt-Mod instead of Super-Mod (collisions on Win7)

2012-04-22 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Gtk+3 Migration: Prepare: cleanup single includes

2012-04-15 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed redraw problems when mapping a hidden, modified sheet

2012-04-12 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: rewritten key event processing code to use GtkBindings
	* GtkSheet: new move-cursor signal to support GtkBindings
	* GtkSheet: advanced TAB control via gtk_sheet_set_tab_direction()
	* GtkSheet: documented default bindings 
	* support for gobject-introspection V1.31.20
	* build with --enable-introspection is broken (g-ir-compiler crashes)
	* GtkExtra: raised version to 3.0.2

2012-04-06 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* replaced all keysyms with new names GDK_KEY_ (from Gtk 2.22, with compatibility support)

2012-03-31 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed uninitialized memory access in gtk_sheet_realize_handler()

2012-03-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: eliminated ** CRITICAL **: gtk_sheet_set_title: assertion `title != NULL' failed
	* GtkSheet: fixed invalid memory access in gtk_sheet_cell_draw_label()

2012-03-11 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed memory corruption in gtk_sheet_realize_handler()

2012-02-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: prevent drawing outside of sheet area

2012-01-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkItemEntry: incorporated patch from Bug ID 3439972

2011-12-25 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkDataEntry: formatted display of contents is working now
	* data formatter documented

2011-12-24 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* split gtksheet.[ch] into smaller pieces: gtksheetcolumn.[ch]
	* added data formatting library (gtkdataformat.[ch])
	* GtkSheet: new - formatted display of numeric cell data is now possible!

2011-12-18 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
	* gtkextra/gtkcolorcombo.c: Fix array overflow - Bug ID 3316408

2011-11-26 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed configure options - Bug ID 3414011

2011-11-16 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed include problem with glib V2.31.0 (only glib.h can be included directly)

2011-10-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: improved column button redraw, reduced flickering

2011-10-29 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed dirty text display w/ clip_text off and ivisible columns
	* GtkSheet: fixed gtk_sheet_set_active_cell() into invisible columns

2011-10-09 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed gtk warning in gtk_sheet_set_active_cell()
	* GtkSheet: new property 'description' for application use
	* GtkSheetColumn: new method gtk_sheet_column_get() to get GtkSheetColumn objects

2011-10-08 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed gtk_sheet_cell_get_tooltip_text()
	* GtkSheet: global button press now toggles sheet selection
	* GtkSheet: optimize: removed double cell activation on map
	* GtkSheet, GtkSheetColumn: honor can-focus widget properties
	* GtkSheetColumn: changed can-focus default setting to TRUE
	* GtkSheet: fixed critical warning upon unmap

2011-09-17 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed redraw problems when switching row/columns visible on/off
	* GtkSheet: disable active cell when hiding active row/column
	* GtkSheet: fixed sheet range when switching row/columns visible on/off

2011-09-16 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed application crash when making hidden sheet columns visible

2011-09-10 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed colormap allocation problem in gtk_sheet_range_set_background, gtk_sheet_range_set_foreground
	* GtkSheet: optimized pixmap copy in gtk_sheet_cell_draw_label

2011-08-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed more redraw problems on sheets without scrollbars

2011-08-14 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* modified GtkSheetColumn property 'datatype' to match GtkDataEntry definition
	* replaced 'class' by 'klass' - as class is a registered c++ keyword

2011-08-12 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
        * new GtkDataEntry widget with formatting capabilities, not yet finished
	* added GtkExtra-3.0.gir to the CVS repo

2011-08-07 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
        * documentation update - added own page for GtkSheetColumn and related
	* updated documentation on sf project web
	* old reference manual moved to a subdirectory:

2011-08-05 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
        * gtksheet.c: gtk_sheet_thaw() fixed redraw range and execution

2011-05-01 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* updated gtkextra-3 version to 3.0.1
	* added Makefile.mingw in glade support files
	   works together with a fresh build of glade3-3.8.0 on MinGW
	* fixed bug ID 3250296: added gtkextra-compat.h to the gtkextra-3 distribution
	* eliminated autoconf warnings on LT_CURRENT, LT_REVISION, LT_AGE
	   ref: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=230199

2011-04-10 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* ./configure: better CFLAGS handling, respect environment and do not combine -g -O2 (it kills the debugger)

2011-03-24 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: allow gtk_sheet_set_active_cell(sheet, -1, -1) to deactivate current cell

2011-03-23 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed unwanted entry activation during hide_active_cell()
		which lead to multiple focus signal emissions

2011-03-22 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: new signals entry-focus-in, entry-focus-out 
		in order to be able to track focus on the underlying sheet-entry

2011-03-20 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* gtkitementry.c: fixed bug ID: 3170287 in gtkextra-3

2011-02-1 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* added Makefile.mingw install target

2011-02-1 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed Windows build environment
	   tested on a fresh MinGW installation
	   see build instructions in Makefile.mingw
	* replaced Makefile.win32 by Makefile.mingw

2011-01-09 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheetColumn: fixed abort() during gtk_widget_set_parent()
	* replaced some deprecated GtkWidget macros

2011-01-08 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed library naming in docs

2011-01-07 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheetColumn: setup correct parent widget

2010-12-17 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* fixed library naming, now corresponding to V3.0 and the content of gtkextra-3.0.pc
	* fixed gobject-introspection to include Gtk-2.0.gir
	* Linux compilation tested
	* fixed missing GLIB_GENMARSHAL in configure.in
	* added missing VOID:INT,BOXED to gtkextra-marshal.list

2010-11-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* doc/tutorial/Makefile.am: fixed automake warnings
	*** GtkSheet: new feature: added optional GObject-Introspection
	   Reference: http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection
	* added new ./configure option --enable-introspection
	   to build GtkExtra-3.0.gir: cd gtkextra ; make GtkExtra-3.0.gir

2010-10-18 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** GtkItemEntry: fixed major crash source in item entry buffer handling

2010-10-15 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed cell and row/column deactivation while paging around
	* GtkSheet: fixed background redraw when outmost column is invisible

2010-08-21 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: new public interface function gtk_sheet_get_selection()

2010-08-20 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: eliminated recursive call to from hide/show active cell (SEGV)
	* GtkSheet: fixed auto-switch entry with active sheet range selections
	* GtkSheet: added a set of signal debugging functions (GTK_SHEET_DEBUG_SIGNALS)

2010-08-14 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** GtkSheet: auto-switch column sheet entry, if defined
	   auto-switching will only take place, if the column or sheet entry_type is explicitly set
	* GtkSheet: fixed GtkTextView positioning
	* GtkSheet: fixed set-cell signal
	* gtkextra/Makefile.am: fixed Bug ID 3021754

2010-08-13 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** GtkSheetColumn: new properties: vertical cell text justification
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV on global button press

2010-08-07 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: reworked "changed" signal emission, cell data updates and cell redraw
	* testgtksheet.c: reworked sheet_entry change, GtkSpinButton works now

2010-08-07 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: replaced deprecated signal "pressed" on the global sheet button
	*** GtkSheet: new feature: entry of multiline text via GtkTextView as sheet_entry
	* GtkSheet: reworked sheet_entry widget processing
	* GtkSheet: new public interface functions gtk_sheet_*entry* to access 
	* testgtksheet.c: use GtkTextView for editing of column 3 in sheet 2

2010-08-06 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: created a new GtkSheetEntryType in order to control it from glade-3
	* GtkSheet: replaced column is_multiline property with entry_type
	* GtkSheet: new public interface function gtk_sheet_get_entry_type()
	* GtkSheet: re-activated sheet entry justification property, it works

2010-08-05 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: added row and column tooltip markers
	*** GtkSheetColumn: new properties is_key, is_readonly, is_multiline, data_format, data_type, description
	    is_key, description have only informational character for the application
	    is_readonly is implemented, others not yet
	* GtkSheet: new public interface function to get/set the new properties
	* gtkextra/*.c: documentation fixes - no more warnings by docgen

2010-08-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: new tooltip feature, added to sheet, column, row and cell
	* GtkSheet: new public interface functions to get/set tooltips on sheet, column, row and cell
	* GtkSheet: added a small red triangle in the top right cell corner, if there is a tooltip attached
	* gtksheettest: added some tooltips to the first sheet
	* GtkSheet: fixed a bug in AddRow() which was destroying column data
	* GtkSheet: reworked cell data allocation and deallocation
	* GtkSheet: the cell is no longer cleared, when the text is deleted manually, 
	    so attributes, tooltips, links remain in the cell, when you press the delete key
	* GtkSheet: Calling gtk_sheet_cell_clear() function erases all data in the cells,
	    to remove only the text, call gtk_sheet_set_cell_text() with NULL

2010-08-03 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: Glade-3: cut/paste of sheets now works without dropping all columns
	* GtkSheetColumn: new properties 'width', 'justification', also working with glade-3
	* GtkSheetColumn: added column icons

2010-07-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed cursor key handling in rightmost column
	* GtkSheet: fixed deactivation of active cell on row deletion

2010-07-30 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed cell editor width
	* GtkSheet: fixed active cell redraw conditions

2010-07-23 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV when resizing columns and there is no scrolled window below
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV when resizing columns and there is no active cell
	* GtkSheet: fixed redraw of visible cell area when row or column titles are switched off

2010-07-16 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed: placement of the cell editor when clicking into empty cells
	* GtkSheetColumn: defintively using visibility property of the underlying GtkWidget now
	* GtkSheetColumn: using sensitivity property of the underlying GtkWidget now
        * GtkSheet: new interface functions:
	* GtkSheet: resizeability of rows/cols was coupled to the sensitive property, 
		rows/cols can now always be resized, independent of the sensitive property
	* GtkSheet: fixed: the last row of the sheet could not be resized
	* GtkSheet: fixed: left/right and up/down scrolling during sheet range selection

2010-07-09 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
        * new include file gtkextra-compat.h to maintain backward compatibility for older gtk releases
	* added Pixmaps for Glade-3 integration: glade/pixmaps/hicolor
	* GtkSheet: fixed SEGV when extending cell selection beyond sheet boundaries
	* GtkSheet: double click between column titles will now always fit column width, not only enlarge

2010-07-07 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
	* gtkextra/*.c : Remove instances of direct bin, widget usage

2010-07-05 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
	* gtkextra/* : start remove depreciated GTK calls

2010-06-26 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
	* configure.in : link with math lib required by Fedora 13

2010-06-12 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
        * gtkextra/gtkitementry.c : patch to allow build with gtk2-21

2010-05-22 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** GtkSheet: glade column editor implemented
	* GtkSheet: still more SEGV fixed, concerning empty sheets (no cols, no rows)

2010-05-21 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed sheet_editor size request
	* GtkSheet: reworked resizing a cell selection range (better, but still not very good)

2010-05-20 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed lots of SEGV in empty sheets (no rows, no cols)
	* GtkSheet: moved all glade integration procs into glade-gtksheet-editor.c
	* GtkSheet: removed all sheet debug output ifndef DEBUG
	* GtkSheet: reworked selection range dragging code (more failsafe)

2010-05-19 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed several SEGV in glade gtkextra integration
	* GtkSheet: adding/removing columns from within glade works now
	* GtkSheet: setting column property 'label' now works with GtkBuilder 
	* GtkSheet: moved column visibility flag from GtkSheetColumn into the embedded GtkWidget
	* GtkSheet: SEGV in keyboard processing fixed
	*** added new ./configure option --enable-glade
	* GtkSheet: added glade sheet editor source (not yet finished)
	* GtkSheet: added po directory (glade support needs gettext installed)                    

2010-05-18 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** GtkSheet: changed GtkSheetColumn into an object, subtype of GtkWidget
	* GtkSheet: fixed several SEGV errors, most of them incorrect boundary handling
	* GtkSheet: fixed scrollbar behaviour near the end of the sheet
	* GtkSheet: experimental integration into GtkBuilder - not yet finished

2010-05-14 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed gtk_sheet_get_child_at(): returned wrong child under certain conditions
	* GtkSheet: fixed some function declarations
	* GtkSheet: fixed some +1/-1 problems that caused SEGV
	* GtkSheet: fixed some doc tags

2010-05-12 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet: fixed doc generation - there is still a problem with gtk_plot_marker_get_type
	* GtkSheet: fixed redraw problems on sheets with 0 rows or 0 columns
	* GtkSheet: fixed doc comments in gtksheet

2010-05-11 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* GtkSheet properties completed
	* GtkSheet: bugfix: default grid color is now uniq
	* GtkSheet: replaced obsolete function gdk_color_alloc()
	* GtkSheet: fixed gtk_sheet_set_selection_mode() parameter type

2010-05-09 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* changed --enable-debug option to non destructive behaviour
	*** Added initial Glade support to GtkSheet
	  * properties "title", "n-rows", "n-cols"
	  * class initialisation code adapted
	* GtkSheet: some drawing problems need fixing when the sheet gets 0 rows/cols

2010-05-08 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	*** added --enable-debug option to the configure script, default is off (-O2).
	* GtkSheet: Fixed a crash when double clicking between column headers

2010-05-04 Fredy Paquet <mailbox AT opag.ch>
	* Fixed some minor portability issues:
	  * test -e is not available in /bin/sh
	  * echo -n doesn't work with all versions of 'echo'
	* Added some portability checks to configure.in (using autoscan)
	* Fixed spaces in front of two make commandlines (@GLIB_GENMARSHAL@)

2010-04-20 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
	* gtkitementry.h gtkitementry.c gtksheet.c gtkplotbox.c:
	  add gtkextra-2 patches to work with gtk+2.18

2006-05-15 Jacek Sieka jsieka at memphite.se , from Memphite AB 
	* Fixed memory leak in gtk_plot_canvas_destroy
	* Fixed font names for Windows in gtkpsfont.c

2005-09-19  Stefan Kost  <ensonic@users.sf.net>

	* gtkextra/gtksheet.c: (gtk_sheet_range_get_type),
          example inline docs

2005-09-19  Stefan Kost  <ensonic@users.sf.net>

	* .cvsignore:
	* autogen.sh:
	* configure.in:
	* docs/Makefile.am:
	* docs/reference/Makefile.am:
	* docs/reference/gtkextra-docs.sgml:
	* docs/reference/gtkextra-sections.txt:
	* docs/reference/gtkextra.types:
	* gtkextra/gtkextrafeatures.h:
	* gtkextra/gtkextratypebuiltins.h:
          added gtk-doc api doc generation

2005-5-17 Adrian Feiguin

* Port to gtk+-2                                                                               
* So many changes, it's hard to keep track of:
  - GtkArgs
  - widgetization of canvas items
  - dozens of fixes and improvements

2002-5-21 Patches by Michael S. Noble (mnoble@space.mit.edu)

*    gtkplotcanvas.c:

     Support the creation of polygon children, via


     These mirror similar functions for rectangles and ellipses, and
     so require points in canvas-space (not pixel- or data-space),
     only more of them.  The draw child code will automatically
     scale/move/etc the polygons when required.

*    The following functions were also added to gtkplotcanvas.c


     to permit language bindings to query the "current/active item" on
     the canvas, without referencing canvas/child struct internals.

*    gtkplot3d.c:
*    gtkplotsurface.c:

     Moved _sqrt() from gtkplot3d.c to gtkplotsurface.c.  It was referenced
     only in the latter file, but having it in the former could cause symbol
     referencing problems (an inlined static) with SparWorks 6.2 (cc
     version 5.3) on Solaris 8.

*    gtkplotps.c:  the inclusion

        #include <wctype.h>

    causes problems with gcc (GCC) 3.1 20020420 (prerelease) bundled with
    the Mac OS/X 10.2 developers toolkit (the file is missing).  Since none
    of the wide character functions from wctype.h are actually being used
    within gtkplotps.c, it was simply removed.

*   gtkplotdt.c: the inclusion

        #include <malloc.h>

    causes similar problems with gcc (GCC) 3.1 20020420 (prerelease) bundled
    with the Mac OS/X 10.2 developers toolkit (again, the file is missing).
    Since malloc.h is not a standard C header file (stdlib.h should be used
    instead), and none of the malloc.h functions are even being used in the

    source module, it was removed.

*   gtkextra.c:  At line 123 the statement

                gboolean *result = *(gboolean **)var_args;

    is unportable to platforms on which va_list is not a void* (e.g.,
    Compaq True64 Unix).  In correcting this problem the GValue collection
    logic was simplified.

    *** Of all the mods this one needs perhaps the most careful review. ***

*   gtkpsfont.c: There's no point in allowing gtk_psfont_unref() to drop
    refcount below zero.  It can cause spurious font init warnings later.

*   gtkplotdata.c: performance enhancement for spline connectors.

    Namely to precompute the number of points and alloate the spline array
    outside of the spline_eval loop.  This simplifies the code and avoids
    numerous repetition of trivial g_realloc(previous_size+2) calls.

    There are other instances in the code where this optimization can be
    applied.  The peformance hit becomes moe apparent when dataset sizes
    scale to 500,000+ points (even on my dual 2-Ghz cpu desktop).

2002-12-31  Toby D. Reeves  <toby@solidstatescientific.com>

       * docs/Makefile.am, gtkextra/Makefile.am : Ensured variables set with == before using +=.

       * gtkextra.spec.in : Make the rpm name a variable. Set rpm name to gtk+extra2
       allowing both 0.99.x and 1.1.x to be installed on same machine.

       * gtkextra/gtkplotcsurface.c : Changed function names to those found function prototypes.
       gtk_plot_csurface_get_level_attributes => gtk_plot_csurface_get_levels_attributes
       gtk_plot_csurface_set_level_attributes => gtk_plot_csurface_set_levels_attributes
       gtk_plot_csurface_get_sublevel_attributes => gtk_plot_csurface_get_sublevels_attributes
       gtk_plot_csurface_set_sublevel_attributes => gtk_plot_csurface_set_sublevels_attributes

2002-07-21  Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>

	- Fix breakage in application of earlier gtkiconfilesel patch

2002-07-18  Toby D. Reeves  <toby@solidstatescientific.com>

	* gtkextra.spec.in : Corrected %install to use DESTDIR.
	Make gtk+extra-devel package require gtk+extra.
	Added *.so to devel files.

	* gtkextra/Makefile.am : Added generated files 	gtkextratypebuiltins.[hc].
	Necessary for proper Python wrappers.
	* gtkextra/gtkextra.c : gtk_extra_check_version --to-- gtkextra_check_version
	* gtkextra/gtkextra.h : Commented addition of "#include <gtkextra/gtkextratypebuiltins.h>".
	Unless Makefile.am is changed to use stamp files, would cause massive
	code rebuilds to often.
	* gtkextra/gtkiconlist.h : Identified an anonymous enum that should be named. Did not know
	what developers might choose. Needed for proper Python wrappers.
	* gtkextra/gtkplotdt.c : gtk_plot_dt_set_quatrilateral --to-- gtk_plot_dt_set_quadrilateral

	* gtkextra/gtkplotdt.h : gtk_plot_dt_set_quadtrilateral --to-- gtk_plot_dt_set_quadrilateral

	* gtkextra/gtkpsfont.[hc] : changed return type of gtk_psfont_get_psfontname() to 
	"const gchar *" instead of "gchar *".
	* gtkextra/gtksheet.h : gtk_sheet_row_resizable --to-- gtk_sheet_rows_resizable

Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>
- Update signal handling in gtkiconfilesel.c to avoid segfault in

11/20/2001 Summary of changes

- gtkextrafeatures.h is now generated automatically by the configure script
through gtkextrafeatures.h.in

- gtkextra.h includes the new headers for gtkplotdt.h


- New history combo to jump directly to a directory of choice, either
typing in, or using the previous entries.


- New child: CANVAS_MARKERS to handle dataset markers (see gtkplotdata below)

- New selection stretegy.

- New function gtk_plot_set_pc

- gtk_plot_canvas_freeze/thaw methods


- Gradient with sublevels.


- Use new Delaunay triangulization algorithm (gtkplotdt)

- New functions to colour the surface using a gradient proportional to 
  the height field:

  void            gtk_plot_surface_use_height_gradient (GtkPlotSurface *data,
                                                 gboolean use_gradient);
  void            gtk_plot_surface_set_transparent(GtkPlotSurface *data,
                                                 gboolean transparent);


- New alternative to retrieve data points trough a callback function 
using gtk_plot_data_new_iterator(...). See demo program testiterator.c

- Scale points size using gtk_plot_data_set_a/da_scale(...)
  This is actually aplicable only for bubbles, boxes and arrows.

- New functions:

  void          gtk_plot_data_draw_gradient             (GtkPlotData *data,
                                                         gint x, gint y);
  void          gtk_plot_data_gradient_autoscale_a      (GtkPlotData *data);
  void          gtk_plot_data_gradient_autoscale_da     (GtkPlotData *data);
  void          gtk_plot_data_gradient_autoscale_z      (GtkPlotData *data);

  to autoscale gradient according to field.

- gtk_plot_data_get_point() to retrieve values

- Data markers:

  GtkPlotMarker *       gtk_plot_data_add_marker        (GtkPlotData *data,
                                                         guint point);
  gboolean      gtk_plot_data_remove_marker             (GtkPlotData *data,
                                                         GtkPlotMarker *marker);
  void          gtk_plot_data_remove_markers            (GtkPlotData *data);
  void          gtk_plot_data_show_markers              (GtkPlotData *data,
                                                         gboolean show);
  gboolean      gtk_plot_data_markers_visible           (GtkPlotData *data);


- Eric Monsler <emonsler@beamreachnetworks.net>
  Fixes for autoscaling.

- New function gtk_plot_set_pc

- New signal "tick_label" to retrieve axes tick labels.

- New functions to handle axes labels:

  void          gtk_plot_axis_set_labels_offset         (GtkPlot *plot,
                                                         GtkPlotAxisPos axis,
                                                         gint offset);
  gint          gtk_plot_axis_get_labels_offset         (GtkPlot *plot,
                                                         GtkPlotAxisPos axis);

- New function
  void gtk_plot_pc_set_viewport                         (GtkPlotPC *pc,
                                                         gdouble w, gdouble h);

- Bugfixes and enhancements after working on gtkplotart (a driver for libart)
 and gtkplotgnome (a driver for gnomt-print) for SciGraphica.


- New function
  GtkWidget * gtk_sheet_get_entry_widget            (GtkSheet *sheet);

- Background colors and grid handling using:
  void gtk_sheet_set_background              (GtkSheet *sheet,
                                              GdkColor *bg_color);
  void gtk_sheet_set_grid                    (GtkSheet *sheet,
                                              GdkColor *grid_color);
  void gtk_sheet_show_grid                   (GtkSheet *sheet,
                                              gboolean show);
  gboolean gtk_sheet_grid_visible            (GtkSheet *sheet);

08/08/2001 Summary of changes

- some minor cleanups to the cvs repository: 
	copied autogen.sh from scigraphica and
	removed all files generated through autogen.sh/configure


- Tobias Rapp's (<yahuxo@gmx.de>) patch for numpoints < 1 in draw_polygon/lines
- Several enhancements.


- fixed memory leak
- test for triangle bounding box before testing if node is inside
  triangle -> speedup of factor 2!
- calculate triangle area and emtpy circle when they are actually 
  needed. -> minor speedup
- skip nodes with same (x,y) as already inserted node.

- bugfix for triangle bounding box calculation
- added testgtkplotdtflux.c for displaying the generated mesh
  (testgtkplotdt.in can be used as test data!)
08/08/2001 Summary of changes


- added gtkplotdt.h, gtkplotdt.c (delaunay triangulization algorithm)
- added testgtkplotdt.c, testgtkplotdt.in to test the above
- added Makefile rule "testdt" to access this test
24/07/2001 Summary of changes


- bugfix in gtk_sheet_thaw
- bugfix: FALSE return value after "deactivate" signal


- memory leak in draw_lines/draw_polygon, 
  by Damian Gilmurray <dgilmurray@cambridgebroadband.com>


- memory leaks,  
  by Damian Gilmurray <dgilmurray@cambridgebroadband.com>


- memory leaks,  
  by Damian Gilmurray <dgilmurray@cambridgebroadband.com>

- New functions: 
void            gtk_plot_grids_set_on_top               (GtkPlot *plot,
                                                         gboolean on_top);
gboolean        gtk_plot_grids_on_top                   (GtkPlot *plot);

  display grids on top/below data.

27/06/2001 Summary of changes

Gtk+Extra-0.99.15 includes new widgets, and important bugfixes and enhancements. 


- New "gnome-like" icons.
- Option to show/hide hidden files (name starting with ".")/directories
- New functions (example in testgtkfilesel.c):
gboolean        gtk_file_list_open_dir       (GtkFileList *file_list,
                                              const gchar *path);
gint            gtk_file_list_get_filetype   (GtkFileList *file_list);
gint            gtk_file_list_add_type       (GtkFileList *file_list,
                                              const gchar **pixmap_data);
void            gtk_file_list_add_type_filter(GtkFileList *file_list,
                                              gint type,
                                              const gchar *filter);


- Enhancements and bugfixes.
- Horizontal scrollbar only.
- Directories in the iconlist and hidden files.
- New option (example in testgtkfilesel.c):
void     gtk_icon_file_selection_show_tree      (GtkIconFileSel *filesel,
                                                 gboolean show);


- New function:

GtkIconListItem *gtk_icon_list_add_from_pixmap        (GtkIconList *icon_list,
                                                       GdkPixmap *pixmap,
                                                       GdkBitmap *bitmap,
                                                       const gchar *label,
                                                       gpointer link);

- Enhancements and bugfixes.


- New function (example in testimage.c):

 void          gtk_plot_set_background_pixmap  (GtkPlot *plot,
                                                GdkPixmap *pixmap);

- FLAGS removed an replaced by:
 void          gtk_plot_set_transparent        (GtkPlot *plot,
                                                gboolean transparent);
 gboolean      gtk_plot_is_transparent         (GtkPlot *plot);

- text borders (example in testgtkplot.c):
 void          gtk_plot_text_set_border        (GtkPlotText *text,
                                                GtkPlotBorderStyle border,
                                                gint border_space,
                                                gint border_width,
                                                gint shadow_width);

- Enhancements and bugfixes: memory leaks, WYSIWYG.


- New Canvas child GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_PIXMAP (example in testgtkplot.c):
 GtkPlotCanvasChild *
               gtk_plot_canvas_put_pixmap      (GtkPlotCanvas *canvas,
                                                GdkPixmap *pixmap,
                                                gdouble x1, gdouble y1);


- New option to center vectors:

 void          gtk_plot_flux_center            (GtkPlotFlux *flux,
                                                gboolean center);
 gboolean      gtk_plot_flux_is_centered       (GtkPlotFlux *flux);

GtkPlotPC, GtkPlotGDK, GtkPlotPS

- New functions to draw pixmaps:

 void gtk_plot_pc_clip_mask                            (GtkPlotPC *pc,
                                                        gdouble x,
                                                        gdouble y,
                                                        GdkBitmap *mask);

 void  gtk_plot_pc_draw_pixmap                         (GtkPlotPC *pc,
                                                        GdkPixmap *pixmap,
                                                        gint xsrc, gint ysrc,
                                                        gint xdest, gint ydest,
                                                        gint width,
                                                        gint height,
                                                        gdouble scale_x,
                                                        gdouble scale_y);


- Important bugfixes concerning the WYSIWYG behavior.


- bugfix in gtk_sheet_thaw.

New widgets:


GtkPlotData subclass for using pixmaps as symbols. Demo example
in testpixmap.c


A table of togglebuttons to select a symbol among several fontsets.

17/04/2001 Summary of changes


- Bugfixes removing widgets, and memory leaks. By Chris Howell (Applix)

09/03/2001 Summary of changes


- GtkExtra version checks. gtkextra.c

Murray Cumming:
- Made GdkColor* and GtkSheetRange* args const in most set_ functions.
- Fixed some "may have been used uninitialised" and "not handled in switch" warnings.
- Change Plot style args to GtkPlotLineStyle from gint.


- Bugfixes in DeleteColumn/DeleteRow

- Bugfix in delete_columns/delete_rows

Murray Cumming:
  - Changed some function args to guint from gint.
  - Changed some gint funtion returns to gboolean.


- Return values in gtk_plot_get_pixel are gdouble.

- For consistency, the functions gtk_plot_axis_labels_set... were renamed 
  as gtk_plot_axis_set_labels...

New functions:

- You can set axis labels suffix and prefix using


- Return values in gtk_plot3d_get_pixel are gdouble.

- Fixed problem with declaration of gtk_plot_axis_get_type

- Fixes in logscale

GtkPlotPC, GtkPlotGdk, GtkPlotPS

- All arguments in drawing methods changed to gdouble to improve 
  quality of PostScript output.


- Silly bug with gtk_widget_show/hide

- gtk_plot_data_draw_symbol has gdouble arguments now


New functions:
void            gtk_icon_list_set_mode          (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint mode);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_mode          (GtkIconList *iconlist);
void            gtk_icon_list_set_row_spacing   (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint spacing);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_row_spacing   (GtkIconList *iconlist);
void            gtk_icon_list_set_col_spacing   (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint spacing);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_col_spacing   (GtkIconList *iconlist);
void            gtk_icon_list_set_text_space    (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint space);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_text_space    (GtkIconList *iconlist);
void            gtk_icon_list_set_icon_border   (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint space);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_icon_border   (GtkIconList *iconlist);
void            gtk_icon_list_set_icon_width    (GtkIconList *iconlist,
                                                 guint space);
guint           gtk_icon_list_get_icon_width    (GtkIconList *iconlist);

06/12/2000 Summary of changes

- Construct functions added to all the widgets. Useful for C++ and other 
language bindings. By Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net> 


New functions:

- gtk_icon_file_selection_show_hidden(GTK_ICON_FILESEL(filesel), TRUE);

    It allows to show files with names beggining in "."

- gtk_icon_file_selection_set_filter(GtkIconFileSel *filesel,
                                     const gchar *filter);

    Sets the filter but also displays it.

  Both by Allin Cotrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>


- Fix to display directories beggining with "."

- Fix to move to the selected directory at start time.

  Also by Allin Cotrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>


- New Function:


    If TRUE, the data is clipped to fit the frame.

- GtkPlotAxis is now a GtkObject subclass

- gtk_plot_axis_set_tick_labels removed.

- New method for setting custom labels: connect the signal "tick_label" using
  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(axis), "tick_label", 
                     GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(parse_tick_label), NULL);

  the return value is a string with the customized label generated in  
  "parse_tick_label", a function defined by the user

  Thanks to Alexander Haväng" <eel@musiknet.se> for the suggestion and
  the patches.

- gtk_plot_data_show/hide removed. We use gtk_widget_show/hide instead.

- All functions called ..._get_visible are now ..._visible 

- The order of the arguments in gtk_plot_put_text is now
  font, height, angle.


- All functions called ..._get_visible are now ..._visible 


- gtk_plot_canvas_get_active_point returns -1 if no point is active

- The order of the arguments in gtk_plot_canvas_put_text is now
  font, height, angle.


- gtk_plot_data_gradient_set/get_mask renamed as 

- All functions called ..._get_visible are now ..._visible 

21/11/2000 Summary of changes

 - New plot subclasses for 3D and polar plots: GtkPlot3d and GtkPlotPolar. 

   GtkPlot3D has its own API, but GtkPlotPolar can be casted as a GtkPlot 
 considering the equivalence x->r, y->angle.

 - GtkPlotData is a widget. The API is almost the same. You may have to
 cast the widget using data = GTK_PLOT_DATA(gtk_plot_data_new());

 - The other Data subclasses are Bar, Box, Flux, Surface and

 - I added new arguments to the datasets (z, dz, a, da): z is obviously for 
 3d plots. However, it is used in GtkPlotBox to specify the size of the boxes.
 "a" is used to determine the size of the symbols, and "da", the color.

 - The color of the symbols, when "da" is specified, is detemined using the
 gradient. the gradient has (min, max) values, and corresponding colors. The
 symbol's color is interpolated between these values using hue/saturation/value
 depending on the gradient_mask.

 - GtkOrientation was replaced with GtkPlotOrientation

 - the fields xticks and yticks were removed from gtkplot.

 - GtkPlotSymbol has a new field GtkPlotLine border and you set/get the
 attributes with gtk_plot_data_set/get_symbol

 - I removed the symbol type: GTK_PLOT_SYMBOL_BAR, because this is a new
 data subclass. I added TRIANGLE_LEFT/RIGHT and DOT.

 - After gtk_plot_canvas_paint, you have to use gtk_plot_canvas_refresh to
 refresh the pixmap in the window. This is because paint can be
 used to print or save plots in other formats, depending on the GtkPlotPC
 you are using (see below).

 - The drawing engine, called GtkPlotPC has been rewritten. Now
 it's a GtkObject, and you can derive subclasses as GtkPlotGdk and
 GtkPlotPS in our case (You can define your own if you want to use a
 different library to draw your plots!). 

 How does it work:
 1) Instead of creating a GdkGC, you create either a GtkPlotGdk or
 2) you do the following replacements:

 gdk_gc_set_foreground -> gtk_plot_pc_set_color
 gdk_gc_set_dash -> gtk_plot_pc_set_dash
 gdk_gc_set_line_attributes -> gtk_plot_pc_set_lineattr
 gdk_gc_draw_... -> gtk_plot_pc_draw_...

 The output will be either on a drawable or a file according to the
 GtkPlotPC you chose.

 All the redundant code for the PS output in gtkplotprint was eliminated!
 Elegant, isn't it?

 - I also added a new widget: gtktogglecombo, a gtkcombobox subclass (See it
 in action in testgtksheet)

 - New demos are included.

01/09/2000 Summary of changes

BugFixes in GtkColorCombo, and improvements GtkPlotCanvas.

29/08/2000 Summary of changes

BugFixes in GtkColorCombo, GtkSheet, Gtkplot, GtkPlotCanvas and GtkPlotPS.


- More memory leaks

GtkDirTree & GtkFileList

- Modifications for Win32 compatibility, due to
  Hans Breuer <hans@Breuer.org>

04/08/2000 Summary of changes

Bugfixes in GtkSheet, GtkPlot, and GtkPlotCanvas.


- New function: 
  gtk_icon_list_update(GtkIconList *iconlist)
  Reorders the icons.

- Memory leaks.

05/06/2000 Summary of changes


- New element in the struct GtkPlotData 
  gpointer link;

  It allows to link data to the dataset.

- New functions:
  gtk_plot_data_draw_points (draws last n points). See example of use in testrealdemo.c


- Went back to version before Allin Cottrell's changes until I am back from Argentina.

28/06/2000 Summary of changes


- Andreas Voegele sent the patches to add the following functions:
  and the corresponding macros



- Argument GtkSheetRange changed to GtkSheetRange *:
  (Arnaud Charlet, GtkAda team)
  gtk_sheet_clip_range, gtk_sheet_range_set_background,
  gtk_sheet_range_set_foreground, gtk_sheet_range_set_justification,
  gtk_sheet_range_set_editable, gtk_sheet_range_set_visible,
  gtk_sheet_range_set_border, gtk_sheet_range_set_border_color,

- gtk_sheet_get_max_alloc_col/row removed.
  (Murray Cumming)

- gtk_sheet_get_maxcol/maxrow cnaged to gtk_sheet_get_columns/row_count
  (Murray Cumming)

- gtk_sheet_unselect_range. Bugfixes, and GtkSheetRange * argument removed.
  It unselects the selection, and reactivates the editing entry.  

  Justifies entry's text according to the cell attributes.
  If unset, the entry's text is left justified as a normal entry.
  Default value: ON

- Memory leaks in DeleteRow/Column fixed by Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>


- Bugfixes by Chris Howell (Applix team).


- Argument GtkPlotText changed to GtkPlotText *:
  (Arnaud Charlet, GtkAda team)
  gtk_plot_text_get_size, gtk_plot_text_get_area.

- Bugfixes


- child->draw/print changed to child->draw/print_child to avoid compatibility 
  problems with other languages.

- Bugfixes.


- Memory leaks fixed by Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>

12/06/2000 Summary of changes


- GtkPlotCanvasItem struct removed and replaced by GtkPlotCanvasChild

- New policy for handling canvas child objects:
  GtkPlotCanvas has a field GList *childs, replacing the old GList *text.
  Now, it can contain diferent kind of objects, like 

  These childs are predefined in the code, and you don't have to care about.
  You just use the new functions:

  I have included also the type GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CUSTOM. It allows to
  define your custom childs, like the pixmap in testgtkplot.
  To do this, you should use

  child = gtk_plot_canvas_child_new(GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CUSTOM);
  and define your drawing and printing routines and redirect as

  child->data = my_data;
  child->draw = my_drawing_code;
  child->print = my_printing_code;

  This should allow to insert images in the plots.
  By default, the child can only be moved. If you also want to allow to
  resize it, you should set the child->flags.
- You can use the following functions to set the childs' attributes

- I added guiding grids to the canvas. This grids can be displayed in the 
  canvas to guide the eyes, but they are not printed.

  To do so use:

- Signal handling for "select_item" has changed. Now the signal handler returns
  a GtkPlotCanvasChild struct. The contentd of the selection are in 
  child->data, and the type is declared in child->type. See the demo.

- gtk_plot_canvas_put_text has a new field "transparent". If TRUE, the text 
  background is not drawn.


- Silly bugfixes

- gtk_plot_put_text has a new field "transparent". If TRUE, the text 
  background is not drawn.


- New functions


- New handling to avoid memory leaks: 
  Every time you plan to use PSfonts you should initialize the tables and
  lists using gtk_psfont_init(); inmediately after gtk_init, or at the
  begining of a subroutine.
  At the end of the program or subroutine you should use gtk_psfont_unref();


- Changed to complain the new gtkpsfont concept.


- Bugfix in the size allocation routine.

08/05/2000 Summary of changes


- GtkPlotLayout was merged with GtkPlotCanvas and removed from the dirtribution.
  All the gtk_plot_layout... functions are now called gtk_plot_canvas...

- GtkPlotCanvas has been changed to be a GtkFixed subclass.

- gtk_plot_canvas_new has a new argument "magnification"

  With gtk_plot_canvas_set_magnification you can choose the page
  magnification. The page, and all the plots contained are rescaled.
  It's completely WYSIWYG. 


Removed from the distribution.


- All the functions "gtk_plot_dataset..." are now "gtk_plot_data..."

- Magnification

- Data labels: you can add individual labels to each point.

- New functions:
  gtk_plot_data_show/hide labels


- GtkIEntry is now called GtkItemEntry. 



- GtkIconList was changed to be a GtkFixed subclass. Much, much faster...
  GtkIconFileSelection is now very usable.

19/04/2000 Summary of changes


Completely redesigned and re-written, almost from scratch, using the same API.
The new changes will make easier to add new objects in the future, like arrows.

- New structure GtkPlotCanvasItem:

  item->type                     item->data 

- Signals: "select_item", "move_item", "resize_item", "select_region"

  GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CAN_SELECT       allows to select a region,
                                   a simple box inside a plot.
  GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CAN_SELECT_ITEM  allows to select objects, 
                                   but not datapoints. 
  GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CAN_SELECT_POINT allows to select datapoints, 
                                   but not other objects. 
  GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CAN_DND          allows to DnD objects, 
                                   once selected. 
  GTK_PLOT_CANVAS_CAN_DND_POINT    allows to DnD datapoints, 
                                   once selected. 

If you want to use DnD, you have to set both flags:
If you set only CAN_SETECT_ITEM, you won't be able to DnD.
If you set only CAN_DND, it won't work if CAN_SELECT_ITEM is off.
Same for datapoints.

You already know that if your signal handler returns the value FALSE,
the selection or action will be ignored.


- Memory leaks fixed in gtk_plot_finalize.

- New function: gtk_plot_remove_text.


- Memory leaks fixed in gtk_plot_layout_finalize.

- New function: gtk_plot_layout_remove_text.


- Patched to handle multi-enconded character sets
  by Hiroyuki ARAKI <Hiroyuki.Araki@msdw.com>


- Macro GTK_TYPE_SHEET added.

10/04/2000 Summary of changes


- GtkSheetAttr removed. 
  New strategy for cell attributes, using cell->attributes, now. 
  Cells and their attributes are allocated.

- Memory leaks 
  Thanks to the contributions by the Applix team:
  Chris Howell, Eric Ding, and Geoffrey.

- New function: 
  gtk_sheet_button_attach. Attach widgets to the buttons (like the pixmap in
  the demo). You can also use gtk_sheet_attach.

GtkPlot (and GtkPlotPrint)

- gdk_font_unrefs added.

- Improvements in the WYSIWYG output.

- Bugfixes. More about tickmarks.


- New signals:
  "move_text", "move_legends", "move_plot", "resize_plot"

- BugFixes.


- Bugfixes. Patches by Andreas Voegele.


-Bugfixes. Size of arrays, by Andreas Voegele.


- gtk_icon_list_destroy fixes memory leaks.


- Patches to pixmaps.h by Andreas Voegele.

- spec.in file by Conrad Steenberg <conrad@srl.caltech.edu>

- more const and gboolean patches by Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>

- testgtksheet.c modified to show pixmaps in buttons.

- testgtkcheck. Simple demo for gtkcheckitem by Stephen Witkop 

14/03/2000 Summary of changes

GtkPlot (and GtkPlotPrint)

- Bugfixes:
     - Minor ticks drawing out of the plot frame.
     - points' xy lines drawing out of the plot frame.


- size allocation.

13/03/2000 Summary of changes


- Bugfixes:
     - open_dir when the path does not end with a "/"


- Bugfixes

- Added a label on the top-left corner with the current path.


- Replaced GTK_TYPE_POINTER by GTK_TYPE_GDK_EVENT in signals deffinitions.
  (Andreas Voegele)

- Bugfixes:
     - Minor ticks drawing out of the plot frame.

10/03/2000 Summary of changes

- Fixes for ANSI C, by Aaron Lehman<aaronl@vitelus.com> and 
  Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR>

- gchar* arguments replaced by const gchar* (Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>)

- enums have a type

- Bugfixes:
     - top-left corner button drawing.
     - gtk_sheet_get_link.  (Andreas Voegele <andreas.voegele@gmx.de>)
     - initialization and GrowSheet. (Chris Howell <chris@applix.com>)
     - fixes when frozen. Ralf Forsberg <rfg@home.se>

- GdkColor argument replaced by GdkColor *
  (Emmanuel Briot <briot@gnat.com>)

- gchar* arguments replaced by const gchar* (Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>)

- Bugfixes:
     - signal handlers.  (Andreas Voegele <andreas.voegele@gmx.de>)
     - icon selection.


- New function names: 


- Default size set to 12 
  (Andreas Voegele <andreas.voegele@gmx.de>)

- New functions:

- GdkColor argument replaced by GdkColor *
  (Emmanuel Briot <briot@gnat.com>)

- pc->drawstring has new arguments (font, height)

- gtk_plot_paint argument changed to GtkPlot* 

- GdkColor argument replaced by GdkColor*
  (Emmanuel Briot <briot@gnat.com>)

- gchar* arguments replaced by const gchar* (Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>)

- gtk_plot_dataset_get_points (Andreas Voegele)

- enums have a type

- Logarithmic scales (Torsten Luettgert <shaitan@physik.TU-Berlin.DE>)

- Autoscale function: gtk_plot_autoscale
  Rearranges the visible range to display all dataset points.
  (Thanks to Aaron Lehmann <aaronl@vitelus.com> and 
   Peter Wurmsdobler <peterw@cetehor.com>. 
   Finally I did it in my own way)

- Text formatting. 
  Special characters:
                     \B : bold
                     \i : italics
                     \g or \8 : greek
                     \s or \_: subindices
                     \S or \^: supraindices
                     \+ : increment size
                     \- : decrement size
                     \b : backspace
                     \N : normal
                     \0, \1, \2, \3, \4, \5, \6, \7, \8, \9 : font foundry 
- New tick labels format GTK_PLOT_LABEL_POW. in powers of 10 with
  the exponent as a supraindex.

- gtk_plot_axis_set_ticks changed: You have to set the number of 
  minor ticks between major ticks.

- New functions:
  - gtk_plot_autoscale
  - gtk_plot_axis_set_labels
  - gtk_plot_axis_use_custom_tick_labels
  - gtk_plot_set_legends_border
  - gtk_plot_show/hide_legends
  - gtk_plot_set_x_attrributes
  - gtk_plot_set_y_attrributes
  - gtk_plot_axis_set_major_ticks
  - gtk_plot_axis_set_minor_ticks
- Bugfixes.

- GdkColor argument replaced by GdkColor*
  (Emmanuel Briot <briot@gnat.com>)

- gchar* arguments replaced by const gchar* (Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>)

- New function gtk_plot_layout_set_size.


- New function gtk_plot_canvas_set_size.
  Rescales resizing all plots to fit into the canvas with the same ratio.

- Bugfixes:
   - signal handlers (Andreas Voegele)
   - signal emission


- New function: gtk_combo_box_hide_popdown_window

21/12/1999 Adrian E. Feiguin <adrian@ifir.edu.ar>

	* gtkplotlayout.c : new function gtk_plot_layout_set_size

	* gtkplotcanvas.c : new function gtk_plot_canvas_set_size

	* gtkpsfont.c : fixes for min_height in get_gdkfont

17/12/1999 Adrian E. Feiguin <adrian@ifir.edu.ar>
	* Released GtkExtra 0.99.0

17/12/1999 Adrian E. Feiguin <adrian@ifir.edu.ar>

	* Configure script based on the ones provided by
	  Andreas Voegele <andreas.voegele@gmx.de> for GtkSheet and
	  Peter Lerner <peter.lerner@bnbt.de> for GtkPlot,
	  and GTK+.

15/12/1999 <fancois.petitjean@bureauveritas.com>

	* gtkplotpc.c : memory leaks fixes.

15/12/1999 Adrian E. Feiguin <adrian@ifir.edu.ar>

	* gtkiconlist.c : entry_out removed.

	* gtkplot.c : several functions renamed for consistence 

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