Dov Grobgeld - 2006-07-09

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I finally started working on this. So far I have created a
new implementation of the GtkPlotPC interface called
GtkPlotCairo, that draws through the cairo backend. I have
implemented most backend functions, except the text and the
image drawing. Meanwhile I have not modified the GtkPlotPC

Further I have replaced the instantiation of a GtkPlotGdk
object with the GtkPlotCairo class. The software compiles,
but still nothing is drawn in the GdkWindow. I still have
some debugging to see why that is happening.

Once I get this to work my plans are:

1. Change the API of GtkPlotPC to get rid of all the Gdk
structures in the interface, and replace these with cairo

2. Get rid of GtkPlotPC alltogether and work directly with
Cairo. Possibly I will create some utility functions to make
the conversion from the current to API to cairo smoother.