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gtkdial 0.4.1

gtkdial 0.4.1 is now available. Gtkdial is a GNOME frontend to the wvdial
intelligent PPP dialer (shipped in most current distributions, or at\). If you are still using a modem to connect to the internet,
this makes things simpler - particularly if you switch between a variety of configs or ISPs.

0.4.1 is mainly a bug fix release, addressing the following issues:

* Massive CPU hogging whilst waiting for PPP (Auke Kok)
* Ugly UI silliness when resizing (Auke Kok)
* Default wvdial.conf sections now dialable (me)... read more

Posted by Mike Newman 2002-02-24

gtkdial/gwvedit 0.4.0

Released yesterday, this represents a new stable release of gtkdial (the first since 0.2.24 in December 2000!). This release has improved detection of stale gtkdial sessions, fixes for users with unusual entries in their wvdial.conf and some minor UI tweaks.

In addition, the companion application gwvedit is also available. gwvedit allows painless editing of the wvdial.conf file, including adding, copying, moving and erasing accounts. This release includes a 'revert to previous config' facility, improved security and a first-run setup feature which will cope even where a user has never run wvdial/gtkdial before.... read more

Posted by Mike Newman 2001-09-24

gtkdial 0.3.8

A new, relatively stable version of gtkdial has been released.

This release includes a new look (courtesy of Aubanel), some bug fixes, and stability improvements.

Posted by Mike Newman 2001-07-10

gwvedit alpha release

gwvedit is a companion to gtkdial, which allows GUI setup and editing of PPP accounts for wvdial.

This release is practically feature complete, and needs only minor tweaking before being merged with gtkdial for 0.4.0.

It depends on usermode and wvdial.

Posted by Mike Newman 2001-05-20

gtkdial 0.3.7

I've finally released gtkdial 0.3.7, a development release including a bunch of new features, translations and improvements.

It *may* be the last development release before 0.4.0.

Posted by Mike Newman 2001-05-20

gtkdial is finally at sourceforge

After a few days of bumbling around oddly, I'm proud to say that gtkdial is finally available in Sourceforge CVS.

Posted by Mike Newman 2001-05-02