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Updated autoconf/automake files to support cross-compiling.

It also generates a shared library by default, including a DLL when compiling for Windows.
I should not have been calling `pkg-config` in the files to get the GTK3 cflags.
Building gtkdatabox now works with mingw32 and mingw64 on fedora linux.
Adding -no-undefined and AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL enables DLL building (but haven't tested if DLL is usable).
Note: autoconf now defaults to building the noinstall example programs dynamically linked, with script files in examples, actual binaries in examples/.libs. Can call configure --disable-shared to avoid this and go back to original behavior (this is an autoconf thing, but need to know this in order to use gdb on the example programs)

Amish S. Dave Amish S. Dave 2013-02-10

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