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Finally - gtkcdlabel 1.11

I proudly present "Sofias 24th Birthday" release of a new generation of GTK CD Label.

GTK CD Label is a frontend to the famous cdlabelgen - a perl script that enables its users to quickly generate high quality CD labels and
CD/DVD inlays

GTK CD Label is now based on pygtk and takes advantage of all cdlabelgen 4.0.0 features.

I hope you enjoy it =) read more

Posted by Wenzler 2008-02-29

Released version 0.7.0 - requires GTK2

Rajarshi Guha joined the team of/took over gtkcdlabel
and created the first working gtk2 port of gtkcdlabel.

Me - the one that only created non working ports - is
retiring a bit from this project and i will only make minor
contriibutions like bugfixes and package creation or so.

so hav phun with the new release


Posted by Wenzler 2003-05-23

Released Version 0.6

Second stable version - suitable for daily use - I think :)

Posted by Wenzler 2000-11-25