GTK CD Label 1.15 doesn't work with Python 2.7.3

  • Stéphane Ascoët

    I get: "ERROR: you need to install pygtk or gtk2"

    When doing python -m trace -t I can see things like: from gtk.deprecation import _Deprecated, _DeprecatedConstant
    --- modulename: deprecation, funcname: <module> import os import sys import warnings from gtk._gtk import DeprecationWarning def _is_pydoc(): class _Deprecated:
    --- modulename: deprecation, funcname: _Deprecated class _Deprecated: def init(self, module, funcname, oldname, modulename=''): def repr(self): def call(self, args, *kwargs): class _DeprecatedConstant:
    --- modulename: deprecation, funcname: _DeprecatedConstant class _DeprecatedConstant: def init(self, value, name, suggestion): def _deprecated(self, value): nonzero = lambda self: self._deprecated(self._v == True) int = lambda self: self._deprecated(int(self._v)) str = lambda self: self._deprecated(str(self._v)) repr = lambda self: self._deprecated(repr(self._v)) cmp = lambda self, other: self._deprecated(cmp(self._v, other))

  • Wenzler

    Wenzler - 2014-01-06

    cant verify this on my Ubuntu 12.04 ...

    /usr/bin/ GtkWarning: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated
    self.wTree =,windowname)
    INFO: config file ~/.gtkcdlabelrc loaded

    Can you give info on the OS and an strace output to see the system calls/libs loaded perhaps?


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