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GTK+2 panel / News: Recent posts

GTK+2 panel 0.1.1 released

gtk2panel is a panel heavily based on the GTK+2 stack:
The gladeui autodetection has been improved and the premature expansion of the catalogdir variable is now avoided. Furthermore, it is now possible to explicitely specify the path at configure time, skipping the gladeui autodetection.

The build system gracefully support the --as-needed linker flag and has been improved to support "make distcheck" without errors.... read more

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2012-05-27

Gtk+2 panel 0.1.0 released

The panel does not depend anymore on libglade: all the UI has been moved to GtkBuilder and glade-3.6.

All the additional applets, previously hardcoded as custom widgets in libglade, have been rewrote practically from scratch as self-contained widgets. To be able to access them from glade-3, the code has been moved in its own shared library, libgpwidgets. This library can be seen and used outside gtk2panel; it is basically a collection of GtkWidgets.... read more

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2009-08-07

Gtk2panel on sourceforge

gtk2panel, a desktop panel based on the bleeding edge of gtk+2, is online.

After almost one year of incubation and personal use, finally gtk2panel (originally gladepanel) is on sourceforge.

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2007-11-27