Actually you could specify in the documentation of ListStore and TreeList in Garphics.UI.Gtk.TreeList that these API is deprecated and refer to the correect location (I'm at work so I don't have the 9.13 documentation but I don't remember any note of deprecation). I had also some troubles of generating the documentation from sources (I used Haddock 2.0 and apparently you needed a older version of Haddock, after downgrading Haddock I managed to get the documentation.
     If I use either TreeStore or ListStore from Graphics.UI.Gtk..ModelView as you suggested, how can I ensure that the TreeModel nows that there are columns so that gtk_tree_model_get_n_columns does not return 0 (I think this causes the above exception), also if I use  a ComboBoxEntry and set the text column with comboBoxEntrySetTextColumn, I can do this with ListStore of Graphics.UI.Gtk.TreeList but not with Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView (at least I do not know how to do this). 
Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work

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[TMstring] (GT is alias for Graphics.UI.Gtk) I get the compile error:

Please make sure that everything you use is from Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView. If you use anything from Graphics.UI.Gtk.TreeList then you're mixing in some old API that is obsolete and will lead to broken programs. We will bin the old API with the next release, but for backwards compatibility we still have it around. Is there documentation we can improve?