On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 2:03 PM, Jefferson Heard <jefferson.r.heard@gmail.com> wrote:
I personally wouldn't extend gtk2hs to do it.  I'd build it separately
and stick with a pure FFI interface.  Let clutter's build system build
itself and let Cabal handle everything GHC related.  That's me trying
to be expedient, though, and taking into account that at some point
they are going to switch to using Cabal for gtk2hs.

Ah. Well, I was hoping that the magic tools could give me a leg up. Clutter is really clutter, clutter-gtk, clutter-gst, clutter-2dboy, and maybe one more I don't recall atm. That's a lot of api I which I hoped the magic tool.would do some heavy lifting for me.
I don't think you want to patch gtk2hs mainly because I doubt that
Duncan's going to want to add Clutter as part of the base gtk2hs
functionality, although you could ask him, and having to download and
build the gtk2hs sources in order to use Clutter seems clunky on the
face of it.

But as a first swipe maybe? If someone could get hello world working I could extend it. I'm not 100% confident I can  get started from scratch.

Not that this addresses the Clutter xsl problem.  I would suspect,
just guessing that the XSLT file is generated as an intermediate and
you're missing a step somewhere toward the beginning.  Can't confirm
right now, though.

I'm guessing someone made the file and forgot to check it in.