>  setFontSize textView size =
>   postGUIAsync $ do
>   fd <- fontDescriptionNew
>   fontDescriptionSetSize fd size
>   widgetModifyFont textView (Just fd)

---------- Původní zpráva ----------
Od: Daniel Díaz Casanueva <dhelta.diaz@gmail.com>
Datum: 1. 11. 2012
Předmět: [Gtk2hs-users] Fwd: Setting the font in a TextView

A working minimal example would help here. I had this issue in the past too.

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 7:43 PM, <wagnerdm@seas.upenn.edu> wrote:
I believe the way you do this is to create a TextTag, set the
textTagSize and textTagSizeSet attributes, then add this tag to the
TextBuffer that's being shown in the TextView.


Quoting timothyhobbs@seznam.cz:

> Is it possible to set the font size of text displayed in a TextView?  Cannot
> find any font related settings :(
> Tim

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