I've run into this problem too.  I ended up using glade-3.8.x, which still creates gtk2-compatible builder files.  On Fedora linux, I use the glade3-3.8.2 RPMs and run /usr/bin/glade-3.  The plain glade RPMs contain version 3.10.x as /usr/bin/glade, which only creates gtk3-compatible builder files.  So unfortunately, yes, we're sort of stuck with this old version of glade until gtk2hs gets updated.

-- Garrett Mitchener

On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 6:45 AM, <timothyhobbs@seznam.cz> wrote:
Does the fact that glade now uses gtk3 and gtk2hs is still on 2 mean that I cannot use glade with gtk2hs without installing some ancient version of glade?


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