Oh, I forgot to mention, on my newest machine with Ubuntu 12.04, ghc 7.4 and gstreamer 0.10.36 I do get a window as well. I tried this last night.

The trouble is with my RHEL5 machine where I don't have that modern sw.
It's probably been fixed in the meantime.

On Jun 19, 2012 5:37 AM, <wagnerdm@seas.upenn.edu> wrote:
Quoting Milan Markovi? <zivotinja@gmail.com>:

Actually, segfault was due to name clash.

When I rename connect to connect_foo it works as expected.

So the bug is probably in gtk2hs.

Seems you changed a few other things, too. =)

Indeed, when I translate all the changes you made back into Haskell code, I do get a window with a video in it, so gtk2hs doesn't seem the one to blame.