Hi Brett,
  Thank you very much! I got it, I will try it!

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Deng Chao

2008/5/15 Brett Giles <brett.giles@ucalgary.ca>:
Hi Deng

In the docs of the window class, I see:
:: WindowClass self
=> self
-> Int width - width in pixels to resize the window to
-> Int height - height in pixels to resize the window to
-> IO ()
Resizes the window as if the user had done so, obeying geometry
constraints. The default geometry constraint is that windows may not be
smaller than their size request; to override this constraint, call
widgetSetSizeRequest to set the window's request to a smaller value.

If windowResize is called before showing a window for the first time, it
overrides any default size set with windowSetDefaultSize.

Windows may not be resized smaller than 1 by 1 pixels.

Perhaps this will help?
> Hi all,
>   I'm writing a small program, and I met a question. I need resize the
> window height after click a button. But after I check the Gtk2Hs API
> document, I found that there is only layout have a attributes to set
> height.
> But this cannot meet my requirement. Who can tell me how to do it?
> Thanks!
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> Deng Chao
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