Actually, I'm writing a small program using Gtk2Hs, there has some labels, menu items, I want them show in different languages, just like gettext works. If "IsString" can work, can you give me a small example for it? Thanks!

2008/4/7, Kalman Noel <>:
Axel Simon wrote:
> Gtk2Hs so far has not gettext support. There has been a package for
> gettext around but I don't think it's actively maintained. Since ghc 6.8
> there is a class called IsString with which one could implement a
> library that -- when loaded -- translates all string literals in the
> source code.

Using overloaded string literals for translated strings - an interesting
idea worth exploring.  For example, would there be a particular type
TranslatedString, or should any "" literal be subject to be translated?


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