I'm trying to build the development branch under cygwin (Windows 7) for ghc 6.12.1.  Configure runs fine, but build fails after a while at the below stage, reproduced on the command line.

I'm used to using Linux (and can build the branch fine from there), so it's possible I'm doing something daft (sorry if I am!).  I'm running Cygwin as Administrator and cannot see any access issues with the below comand.

Anyone seen this before?

Many Thanks,


$ ./tools/c2hs/c2hsLocal.exe +RTS -M256m -RTS -C-I/usr/include/cairo -C-I/usr/i
nclude/pixman-1 -C-I/usr/include/freetype2 -C-I/usr/include/libpng12 --cppopts=
'-include "gtk2hs-config.h"' --precomp=cairo/cairo.precomp cairo/cairo-gtk2hs.h

Access is denied.
c2hsLocal.exe: Error during preprocessing