Hi again,

Continuing the saga of trying to get gtk2hs packages [specifically, webkit] to work on Windows..

Searching has failed to turn up a binary build for Windows of the webkit C library.  There are lots of explanations for how to build it, but it looks like A Really Big Deal, with long lists of other software that have to be installed first.

Does anybody know where a precompiled binary might be?   Has anybody managed to get webkit to work with gtk2hs on Windows?  [It works just great on linux.]


Axel Simon wrote:
Hi John,

On 23.08.2010, at 14:08, John O'Donnell wrote:


Thanks to the gtk2hs team for your work on the cabal version; it's
working great for me, on both linux and windows.

Except for one thing: I haven't been able to get webkit to work on
windows XP.   Cabal gives a message saying "The pkg-config package
webkit-1.0 version >= 1.1.5 required but it could not be found".   
Now, I
installed webkit from the nightly builds, so it's the most recent
version, but I don't know what to do about pkg-config on windows.

Any ideas?  Has anyone managed to get webkit with gtk2hs working on  

You need to install a binary Windows build of the webkit C library  
which I hope you find by googling.

Hope this helps,