On 4/24/07, Axel Simon <A.Simon@kent.ac.uk> wrote:
Hi Peter,

I'm not aware that we ran into this particular problem, but we certainly
ran into problems with c2hs in the past where it choked on gcc
extensions. The C parser of c2hs lives in tools/c2hs/c/CParser.hs you
could have a go at figuring out how the parser can be mended. We don't
really now the parser any better than other people, but let us know if
you're stuck.

Ok, so I've narrowed down the problem to a single line:

struct { struct {}; };

It looks like C2HS doesn't like nested structs.  I'll try to figure out why.

In any case, has anyone else been compiling on 32-bit x86 Linux?  Or am I the only one? :)