I want to do a release of Leksah to Hackage that uses Gtk3 and WebKit (preferably in the next week or two).

This will need the following patches:
http://leksah.org/gtksourceview3.patches (repo still seems to be darcs1)

Although these packages default to gtk3 you can still use them with gtk2 (cabal install -f-gtk3)

I think we have three options:
 1) Push the Gtk3 patches into the Gtk2Hs repo in preparation for a regular release (perhaps 0.13.0).
 2) Create a new repo for them and release it as gtk on Hackage (version 1.0.0 or 0.13.0) and continue merging 0.12 repo changes in.
 3) Add gtk-gtk3, gtksourceview-gtk3 and webkit-gtk3 to Hackage.

Please can we start the ball rolling on option 1 or can you let me know which of the other two options you would prefer?