Hi Tom

I've managed to install in the past - but kind of gave up on keeping a good how to.

Briefly, the way I *had* success was to:
- Do as it appears you did and install gtk via MacPorts with the universal variant.
- Also installed ghc via MacPorts as otherwise there are some library mismatches (see multiple posts in this lists history)
- Then install Gtk2HS via cabal.  I think I upgraded cabal first.

There are other ways of doing it that handle the library mis-match, but I haven't tried any.

However, at this point, I'm not even attempting again until the latest version is released (0.12, I believe).

Hope this helps a bit, it is a bear to get installed on Apple.

On 2011-09-29, at 12:33 AM, Tom Murphy wrote:

Hi *,
     I really want to install gtk2hs but I've been putting major time into learning Haskell for 1.5 years now, and trying to install gtk2hs for most of that time, and I still haven't been able to. I'm not a novice.
     Are people somewhere installing this successfully? Before Hac Phi, I had never seen a fully-functional, non-trivial GUI app in Haskell. My installs don't usually fail, so is this the type of package where everyone's install fails?

I'm on OSX, 10.6. Pretty clean, new version of Haskell Platform.

I tried cabal-installing it. That had several build errors including troubles installing pkg-config. If these details are relevant, I'll replicate and paste them here.

Here's my latest MacPorts error:

    $ sudo port install gtk2hs
    Error: Cannot install gtk2hs for the arch(s) 'i386 x86_64' because
    Error: its dependency ghc is only installed for the arch 'x86_64'
    Error: and does not have a universal variant.
    Error: Unable to execute port: architecture mismatch

Can anyone provide me with a step-by-step guide to installing gtk2hs _which includes what to do if a step fails_?

Sorry for rantiness. I really appreciate the help.

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