>> I have the following code to connect a handler to the  
>> bufferInsertText signal:
>>    buf <- textViewGetBuffer txtView
>>    buf `on` bufferInsertText $ \_ _ -> putStrLn "hi!"
>> When I run app and press a key in the textView I get a segfault.
> Attached is a patch that fixes this problem. I've just been given  
> commit access to the repository, so you should be able to receive it  
> from a "darcs pull" soon -- but certainly not before the weekend.

Thanks.  I do not have a local darcs repo for gtk2hs.  I am using the cabal packages.
I can try to set up my own local darcs repo for
 gtk2hs if I have to.
Any idea when the next official release will be available with these fixes included.