Hello list,

thanks to your help I could finish my application. It works well on Ubuntu Linux where it was written.
I then transfered it to Windows, where it compiles with no problem, starts with no problem, does some things without any problem but does crash when performing it's main task.

The error message is:
main: user error (Pattern match failure in do expression at gtk\Graphics\UI\Gtk\MenuComboToolbar\ComboBox.chs.pp:244:2-13

when run in ghci the error message is identical, followed by:
<interactive>: interrupted
<interactive>: warning: too many hs_exit()s

On Windows I'm using GHC 6.10.3 and gtk 0.10.1 (as downloaded today)
On Linux I'm using GHC 6.8.2 and gtk 0.9.13 (both from ubuntu repositories)

Any help appreciated,