ExtUtils::Depends 0.400 available

Overview of changes in ExtUtils::Depends 0.400 [2014-08-10]: In addition to the package variables $inc, $libs and @typemaps, write an 'Inline' method to <package>::Install::Files for easier interoperability with the Inline module; Accompany the 'Inline' method with a 'deps' method in <package>::Install::Files in addition to the @deps package variable; Make ExtUtils::Depends->load use the 'Inline' and 'deps' methods by default, falling back to the package variables if the methods are not defined; Make the docs recommend the 'Inline' and 'deps' approach for creating <package>::Install::Files manually, without ExtUtils::Depends::save_config. ExtUtils::Depends is available as a tarball http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gtk2-perl/ExtUtils-Depends-0.400.tar.gz or from git https://git.gnome.org/browse/perl-ExtUtils-Depends/tag/?id=rel-0-400

Posted by Brian Manning 2014-08-23

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