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GTK+ Mac OS X / News: Recent posts

Ige-mac-integration 0.9.4

Mostly bug fixes, but the major development since 0.9.3 is that it now supports building against gtk+-3.0. This can be configured, but if $PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig has only gtk+2.0 or gtk+-3.0, it will pick the right one automatically. If you have both, configure will pick gtk+-3.0 unless you tell it otherwise.

Thanks to Luis Lopez for the original patches

Posted by John Ralls 2010-06-27

Another Ige-mac-integration release

I've just released ige-mac-integration-0.9.2, which handles some more issues I found while reintegrating Gnucash. Details are in the Git Log, but the highlights are :
* New functions for setting the Window and Help menus. This allows one to indicate existing menus from the toolbar; it also doesn't create those menus unless you tell it to.
* Add another signal, NSApplicationWillTerminate. This is emitted after NSApplicationBlockTermination has returned false, and indicates that the application really is going to stop now. It seems to work best if the GMainLoop is stopped as part of NSBlockTermination handling.... read more

Posted by John Ralls 2010-05-23

Minor bug-fix update to ige-mac-integration

Fixes a few problems with Tiger and with quitting from the dock menu. Also improves cleanup when the application shuts down.

Posted by John Ralls 2010-05-17

ige-mac-integration Major Update

We're very pleased to announce a major update to ige-mac-integration. Version 0.9.0 is now available for download on the Files page or by git from either repository.

It provides an entirely new interface based on Apple's 64-bit Cocoa toolkit using a new GObject, GtkOSXApplication. New features include better support of multiple windows, better Dock tile support, handling of OpenFile, ShouldTerminate, DidBecomeActive, and WillResignActive notifications, and better automation of menubar updates. ... read more

Posted by John Ralls 2010-05-16

jhbuildrc Updated

jhbuildrc-gtk-osx, which gets installed to ~/.jhbuildrc when you run gtk-osx-build-setup.sh, has been substantially rewritten. It now easily builds with the SDK, MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET, and architecture that you want by calling setup_sdk(target, sdk_version, [architecures]) from your .jhbuildrc-custom (even though architectures is a list, use only one) or build universal binaries with setup_universal_build(target, sdk_version, [architectures]).

Posted by John Ralls 2009-11-03

Modulesets Updated

The stable and regular modulesets have been updated with the latest stable versions for most modules. (Webkit is a notable exception, because 1.15 doesn't presently build on OSX.) If you are using local modulesets, you will need to refresh your local copies. Otherwise, your next build will automatically pull in the new tarballs or update to the new tags in the repositories.

Posted by John Ralls 2009-10-19

Git Repository Now Browsable

I've finally gotten the repositories combined and uploaded to Sourceforge, thanks to Avery Pennarun's git-subtree
(http://github.com/apenwarr/git-subtree/tree). As noted in the README file, this isn't the active repository (those are on Github), it's provided here as a convenience for the curious.

Posted by John Ralls 2009-08-09

Improved ige-mac-integration

Menu integration has been greatly improved to support more complex applications which manipulate menus and have multiple windows.

Posted by John Ralls 2009-07-30

New Management, New Mission

The GTK-OSX project has some dramatic changes. Formerly a moribund project to port GTK+ version 1 to OSX Quartz, it is now dedicated to making it easy to build, bundle, and integrate GTK+2 libraries and applications on OSX/Quartz. The actual porting is already done and is part of the GTK+-2 code tree.

A new webpage with details will be up shortly.

Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5) is required.

As a courtesy to the people who were involved with or used the old GTK+-1 OSX port, its CVS Repository, mailing list, and tracker (for as long as Sourceforge keeps the tracker working) remain available, and the old project members still have access to those facilities. The old webpage redirected to http://www.cinepaint.org/gtk-osx/, so anyone seeking more information should go there.

Posted by John Ralls 2009-06-04