New Management, New Mission

The GTK-OSX project has some dramatic changes. Formerly a moribund project to port GTK+ version 1 to OSX Quartz, it is now dedicated to making it easy to build, bundle, and integrate GTK+2 libraries and applications on OSX/Quartz. The actual porting is already done and is part of the GTK+-2 code tree.

A new webpage with details will be up shortly.

Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5) is required.

As a courtesy to the people who were involved with or used the old GTK+-1 OSX port, its CVS Repository, mailing list, and tracker (for as long as Sourceforge keeps the tracker working) remain available, and the old project members still have access to those facilities. The old webpage redirected to, so anyone seeking more information should go there.

Posted by John Ralls 2009-06-04

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