#241 Allow GUI edition of done.sha1 / done.namesize

Phil Frary

I was just wondering whether it is normal that I cannot
download a file for a second time, there are usually
#20 or more sources and I had no problem downloading it
several days ago. Whenever I attempt to download it it
just comes up with "no sources" even after a few hours.
This happens with a number of files.
I wouldn't usually download something twice but the CD
I wrote them to has become scratched and unreadable.
I don't know whether any info is stored by gtk-gnutella
about what has already been downloaded, and if so can I
clear it?
I haven't supplied any further info about my system as
I'm just curious whether it is based on stored info.

Phil Frary


  • Raphael Manfredi

    Logged In: YES

    It is normal. GTKG keeps a list of SHA1 of files you
    sucessfully downloaded.

    Edit ~/.gtk-gnutella/done.sha1 and remove the entry you
    want, then restart GTKG for your changes to take effect.
    Don't modify the file with a running GTKG as the file may be
    written to at any time.

  • Raphael Manfredi

    • labels: 361231 -->
    • milestone: 414965 -->
    • summary: "no sources" --> Allow GUI edition of done.sha1 / done.namesize
  • Raphael Manfredi

    Logged In: YES

    Moving to feature requests: this is not a bug but a
    limitation of current implementation.


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