#225 limit gnet-connection(s) to local-peer(s)

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first of all, thanks for this great tool. it's the best
gnutella-client i've found for linux so far.

it would be very nice if it were possible to tell gtkg
to connect _only_ to local (ultra)peers for
gnet-connections. so the search traffic could be kept
at a minumum.

i use gtkg in different company/campus/home-networks.
in most of these networks exists an 24/7 running
ultrapeer, which is shared via vnc to other users, so
everybody has access to it and search traffic is kept
at it's possible minimum.
now sometimes users want to have their own "private"
interface to the gnutella-network. of course they could
start their own gtkg on their workstation, but this
would connect to other (ultra)peers and so the
search-traffic would get unessesarily high.

i experimented with gift a while, i like the idea
behind gift very much, but the gift-gnutella-plugin is
not (yet?) that far in implementing the nice
gnutella-features which gtkg does.

regards... and sorry for my bad english.


  • Christian Biere

    Christian Biere - 2004-10-22

    Logged In: YES

    I have lowered the limit for "minimum number of ultrapeers"
    to zero in CVS - the default value is of course not zero.
    If you set it to zero gtk-gnutella won't try to connect to
    other ultrapeers i.e., you can manually establish a
    connection to the local ultrapeer. You should/must also
    configure gtk-gnutella to allow connections from and to
    local addresses.

    Is this sufficient to close your RFE?

  • dezentraal

    dezentraal - 2004-10-28

    Logged In: YES

    It says "too many ultranodes (0 max)", if i want to add the
    UP manually. If i set it to 1 it works, but only for a while
    until one side (IIRC mostly the UP) drops the connection.

    How about a friends-list, where one can put DNS-Hostnames or
    IPs of other Peers. I could imagine the following features:

    - Contact Hosts in Friendlist first for GNet-Connections
    - Try not to drop GNet-Connections to Friends
    - Optionally only establish GNet-Connections to Friends

    Uploading and Downloading would be left enabled for
    everybody of course. So you could use GTKG to connect a
    single Ultrapeer in your local network which does all the
    search and routing stuff for your leaf. This would reduce
    traffic for such users and also the GNet itself.

    Of course it would be more work to make this happen, but it
    would be more flexible.

  • dezentraal

    dezentraal - 2004-11-11
    • milestone: --> Future
  • dezentraal

    dezentraal - 2004-11-11

    Logged In: YES

    Ok, maybe my wishes were too greedy ;)
    A possibility to establish a GNet Connection manually
    (either by entering the Hostname/IP or by choosing "Connect
    to Host" from the Context-Menu) while the Minumum Number of
    UPs is set to 0, would be cool and help in most situations.

  • Christian Biere

    Christian Biere - 2005-05-08

    Logged In: YES

    You can add peers to ~/.gtk-gnutella/whitelist. These are
    contacted on startup. Further, if you manually connect to
    a peer from this list, gtk-gnutella will kill the worst
    peer to make a slot free. This solves the "too many
    ultranodes" crap. You also might want to disable "monitor bad
    ip addresses" because gtk-gnutella will temporarily ban a
    peer if it disconnects to often (which of course happens
    a lot when testing stuff). Even better "whitelist" is
    periodically checked (every 30 seconds or so) for changes so
    that you can modify the entries on the fly if necessary.


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