#503 Stuck when downloading alot

Usability (114)

On windows, I can get gtk-gnutella user-interface to get stuck up to 60seconds even sometimes on a dual-core when I start
to download alot of files at the same time.


  • Raphael Manfredi

    Which version are you using?

    Gtk-gnutella is mono-threaded by design, so running on a dual-core does not bring any benefit to the application.

    Howeveer, the freezing you are referring to is due to the way each download you are starting (actually each source you are adding) requires checking whether the source is already present, to avoid creating duplicates. There is an O(n^2) complexity attached to this operation which explains why the phenomenon becomes more visible the more sources you add.

    However it is not trivial to fix in the current state. I thought 0.98.2 would at least behave more sanely here, but apparently I was wrong. This is related to the GTK2 UI, the problem does not occur on GTK1.

  • Raphael Manfredi

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • Group: --> 0.95
  • Raphael Manfredi

    The logic of download creation was revisited since this bug was filed. It's now probably fixed in the current version (1.1).


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