GSVideo in Eclipse

  • Anonymous - 2011-09-12

    I'm trying to get GSVideo to work in an Eclipse Java project. I'm using GSVideo 0.9, and it works fine on my Windows 7 machine in the Processing PDE. I added GSVideo.jar, gstreamer-java.jar and jna.jar to the java build bath, as well as the gstreamer directory.
    When I try to launch one of the examples I get the message
    can't load library SDL (SDL|libSDL|libSDL-0) with -Djna.library.path=C:/dev/workspace/GSVideoTest/lib/user/GSVideo\gstreamer\win. Last error:java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'SDL': The specified module could not be found.

    for a long series of libraries. The directory that appears in the error message is the correct path to the gstreamer directory.
    Am I missing something?


  • Anonymous - 2011-09-12

    Solved - changing the project JRE to use the one in the Processing installation fixed the load library errors, and the application works fine now.
    Only issue left is that when I close the application window I get a message saying that the "Java Platform SE binary has stopped working", and need to force the program to close.

  • Anonymous - 2011-09-12

    solved this too - just in case it helps anyone in the future -
    overriding PApplet.stop and calling movie.stop solved the JRE error message

    public void stop() {


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