GSvideo logout problem

  • Diego Alberti

    Diego Alberti - 2011-01-29

    I'm dealing with this: launching any of the GSvideo examples (GSCapture, Loop, etc) the system suddenly logout.
    I can't affirm it's related to GSvideo (or GStreamer) because I can't reproduce the error. It's happen from time to time.
    I got no deep knowledge on how to trace this.
    Did anyone deal with such a bug?
    Where should I start looking at.?
    It's very very frustrating. :(

    Ubuntu 10.10 on a Toshiba Satellite AMD64.

    thx !

  • Diego Alberti

    Diego Alberti - 2011-01-29

    Ok. I tried this:

    xorg upgrade:

    It didnt fix the issue…


    I realized It has to do with sun-java.
    I have sun java 6 installed.
    The problem appears when using it.
    Using the java version that comes bundled with processing; the problem did not occur.
    So; I think  it is not related to GStreamer or GSvideo (gst-launch pipe works ok)



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