Using GSMovieMaker straight from eclipse...

  • hansi raber

    hansi raber - 2010-08-28


    I've been playing around a bit with using the GSVideo library straight from eclipse.
    Also I'm not even really using processing so far, but i love how setup-free gsvideo lets me create movies.

    Now whatever i try, my rendered movies always end up with 0kB in size, and no error messages whatsover (only a gstreamer warning).

    import java.util.Arrays;
    import processing.core.PApplet;
    import codeanticode.gsvideo.GSMovieMaker;
    public class TestVideo {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            PApplet dummy = new PApplet(){
                public void setup() {
                    size( 100, 100 );
                    frameRate( 25 );  
                public void draw(){
                    background( random( 255 ) ); 
            GSMovieMaker movieMaker = new GSMovieMaker( dummy, 100, 100, "/Users/hansi/test.ogg", GSMovieMaker.THEORA, GSMovieMaker.MEDIUM, 25 );
            int pixels[] = new int[100*100];
            for( int i = 0; i < 30; i++ ){
                Arrays.fill( pixels, i*5 );
                movieMaker.addFrame( pixels );
                System.out.println( "frame #" + i + ", queued: " + movieMaker.queuedFrames() ); 

    The output is always "queued: 0", which clearly indicates i'm missing something, but i have no idea what…
    Would love to keep my code that simple!

    Any ideas?

  • hansi raber

    hansi raber - 2010-08-28

    oh…i was missing movieMaker.start()   …
    no idea how i could not realize that missing for half an hour :)

  • Andres Colubri

    Andres Colubri - 2010-09-01

    these kind of things happen to me all the time:-)


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