resizing movie

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-20

    i want to resize my video in processing in order to see it in fuul screen.
    i tried :

    image(myVideo,,0,0,screen.width,screen.height);  but then the video is very slow

    it seems that i only can reduce images without slowing video

    So i tried myMovie.resize() which desn't work at all

    is somebody can help me ?

  • Andres Colubri

    Andres Colubri - 2011-04-22

    I recommend combining GSVideo with GLGraphics ( to get OpenGL-accelerated drawing of the video frames. This should improve performance.

    GLGraphics includes an example that shows how to read video frames from a GSMovie object into a GLTexture. It is located in GLGraphics/examples/textures/MovieFilters.


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