Hi All,
I want to use the opensource filesrc element for synthesized formats like xmf with some audio engine which can sysnthesize the PCM samples. But unlike the other codecs like mp3, aac these formats needs to be given in toto to the sysnthesizing engines. (That is the complete file needs to be provided to the engine in order to generate raw PCM samples). How can I use the filesrc to acheive the same in optimum way?
I understand that I can incease the block-size of filesrc to a huge size to make sure the complete file is read at once but is that the only way?
Is it possible for the downstream element to keep buffering the data till EOS is generated by filesrc and then handle the complete buffer? This may require the EOS to be held at the 'audio-engine bin' till the PCM samples are generated and played out.
Please suggest an optimal way since this has to be done for an embedded environment.
Thanks & Regards,