Android uses OpenCore, which is provided by PacketVideo as default multimedia framework. But, after reviewing code, I found OpenCore is not easy to work with and its resource (the number of plugin) is very limited. So, I tried to port gstreamer  to Android to provide a more flexibility and richer feature set. Fortunately, it can work. Now, I will share my experience here.

The work includes:
  - glib
  - liboil
  - gstreamer core
  - gst-plugin-base
  - gst-plugin-good
  - gst-plugin-bad
  - gst-openmax
  - audio sink/video sink for android
  - glue layer to integrate gst into android's multimedia framework

You can find step by step introduction and all patches in my group. To get it, you have to request to be a member. I'm sorry for this. I will remove this obstacle in near future.  :-)

-- Prajnashi S